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"House Gun": The ultimate home defense weapon, or the ultimate Elmore-esque gimmick?

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    Originally posted by oldman34
    Are you serious about the M1? I have one and never thought about using it.
    Carbine or Garand? I think the carbine makes a good house gun if loaded with the approprieate ammo, and the Garand is certainly one of the all time best battle rifles. The Garand is a bit of overkill for home defense (see Antifa's post regarding drawbacks of the M14 for home defense and its pretty much the same for the Garand) but is better than nothing, is fun for range shooting, and is death on deer and hogs.


      M1 Carbines are sweet little guns, and the truly silly thing is how many people will tell you that the .30 Carbine round is not powerful enough--but they have no problem with .45, .44 Rem Mag, 9mm, or .40 carbines. .30 carbine is more powerful than any of those handgun rounds. It simply got a bad rap because soldiers decided it wasn't a good enough stopper in the WWII Pacific and in Korea.

      Well, let's be fair--NOTHING stops Koreans reliably. They'll jump-spin-kick you right out off your jeep.

      The funny thing is that a lot of the vets who had stories of the M1 Carbine failing miserably had nothing but praise for the M3 and the 1911--both chambered in .45 acp, which would more or less be .30 Carbine's weak sister. Some folks think a wider bullet solves all problems.

      Anyway, for people, there's nothing wrong with the M1 Carbine. Reliable, expanding hollow points would be good, and I don't know much about what's available in that line, but power-wise, it's no problem, especially at indoor distances. It's also short, light, handy, and creates almost no felt recoil. Almost like an M4 clone, except that it would be hard to hang 23 pounds of stuff off the front end and it's much prettier.

      I'm a little biased. One of my dad's greatest regrets was an M1 carbine. His was a Winchester of WWII vintage, which is one of the harder-to-find variants (WWII guns are often collected by manufacturers, since companies like Frigidaire and Singer Sewing switched to producing rifles and pistols.) Anyway, we used to set a box full of phone books on a folding chair at one end of the gun shop and shoot that M1 through pop cans from the other end. It was slightly safer than it sounds, since if we'd missed the round would have entered the exterior wall and, if it had exited, could have gone a long way without likely hitting anyone, but still more or less idiotic. Lots of fun, though.

      When it came time to close the shop, dad felt he had to put that carbine up for auction with the inventory to be sure he could pay the bank. In the end, we made far more than we needed to pay all the debts (should have been having auctions all along, I guess) but by that time the carbine had been sold. He still talks about it.
      I should really get him another one before it gets too expensive to contemplate.


        Other options in the area include:

        Hill Country Rifle Range out near Hamilton Pool, which is owned by a crazy old coot that really believes in the whole black helicopts/UN conspiracy stuff. Pretty laid back, though.

        Reds in either Oak Hill or Pfluegerville. Red is a cool guy, but he's raised his rates, so its pretty spendy to go there on a regular basis.

        Temple Gun Club outside of Temple. Its a bit of a drive from Austin (unless you actually live in Round Rock or Georgetown) but they have a 300yd line and have three gun and IDPA matches, in addition to the service rifle and high power matches that I go up there for.

        Antifa and JNP, if you want to check out Austin Rifle Club, PM me some time in the new year (way to busy with Holiday crap right now to go shoot) and I'll see if I can sneak out of the house long enough to go blasting with you.
        Hill Country Rifle Range (AKA Crazy Richard's) shutdown. Apparently a developer came in and bought the place. I typically shoot at Red's in Oakhill, but wish I could find a better place.


          Crazy Richard sold out to a developer? He had been turning down offers by the Austin Rifle Club for years. With all the development around Manor, Austin Rifle Club has been looking to relocate. Of course, now that there is a bunch of development out near Hamilton Pool, so we'd face the same problems out there, too. The main advantage to relocating to the Hill Country side of Austin, though, is the possibility of using a big hill as a backstop to minimize the risk of a round leaving the range.


            Originally posted by auschip
            Hill Country Rifle Range (AKA Crazy Richard's) shutdown. Apparently a developer came in and bought the place. I typically shoot at Red's in Oakhill, but wish I could find a better place.
            yeah a couple of friends of mine went to crazy richards once. They were happy to have the freedom to do what they wanted. They were there alone so the guy that ran the place had all day to give them the alien-jesus-lizards-control-the-black-helicopters-from-outer-space spiel. My friends took his literature and never went back.

            I read the stuff

            He crazy


              You all should consider starting a new thread for the shooting range discussion, there's no telling who else might want to get in on it.



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