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Review - Concealment option: Belly Band

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    Review - Concealment option: Belly Band

    I've been wearing my belly band for about 4 months, now, and I've got to say: I love it!

    What is a belly band, you ask? Well, it's basically a big piece of elastic with pouches sewn on, and typically a large hook-and-loop fastener.
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    It can be worn around the belly (hence the name), or also below the belt-line as a replacement for a dedicated IWB holster. I've also had success wearing mine up around the rib cage, though this location makes deployment a tad difficult.

    This makes it a very flexible piece of gear, and at a fraction of the cost of a form-fitting IWB holster. Which brings up another point - since it's elastic, it's capable of fitting multiple firearms! Also note that because it's just a large piece of elastic material, many bands can be turned inside-out for alternate-handedness.

    Belly bands are available from a myriad of suppliers, in different styles and configurations. Here's mine - a simple, right-hand draw with single clip pocket. I grabbed mine off Amazon (because I was ordering some other stuff from there and wanted to save on shipping) for $24.95.

    Options you may find include pouches for multiple weapons, retention straps, and colors. Many models offer two or three weapon sizes, and multiple waist ranges.

    I typically wear mine around the belly, so that the gun sits right behind my kidney. Since it's pressed tight against me, I find this to be fairly comfortable for sitting, including in the car. This is Florida - I typically don't wear an undershirt, but on the occasions I have, I did find relief from minor irritation from the seams, especially in the Velcro area.

    Now you see it...

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    Now you don't.

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    As long its worn under a loose shirt, even a skinny stick like me can conceal comfortably, with one caveat - bending over or other motions that cause your shirt to tighten will allow the gun to "print," so take care, especially in locales that have strict concealment requirements.

    The belly band allows for rapid deployment, especially when worn on the belly. Because there's no belt clip, it can be a better concealment option than IWB holsters. Re-holstering is a bit of work, typically requiring two hands. But, honestly, if you're going to be deploying your weapon "for real," re-holstering is a minor concern.

    Keep it in your pants!
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    To sum up, the belly band is an inexpensive, flexible concealment platform. Everyone should have one!
    Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.

    I've seen something similar, except it strapped over the chest instead of the belly. They look like the dude is wearing a bra underneath. Good for when you need to conceal underneath a tucked in shirt, and you can conceal a decent size pistol with the right shirt (guy I saw concealed a kimber ultra carry with it). Not quite sure it'd be easy to draw from though.



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