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    2017 South East Queensland BJJ Championship

    So, for my first attempt at a purple belt comp it didn't go too badly. Four divisions, five close losses and four consolation medals. Most importantly though, i gained in confidence as I was able to hang with the predominantly 3 stripe purple belts.

    Lost the first match by and advantage (0-0 on points, 1-2 advantages). Thought I'd scored a pass off one of my triangle escapes but my idea of three seconds and the refs were different I guess.
    Lost the second match to the same guy by 3 points, after he caught me in a sweep. Also a reminder that I need to work on my fitness as these 7 minute rounds are brutal.
    Lost the next one by 2 points (think it was 4-6, not sure though). Had a Kimura grip locked up from bottom side control but couldn't complete the sweep or the sub to steal the match.
    Lost the next one 0-2 against a guy 2 weight divisions higher than me. I had shot a double but he reversed me on the ground to snake my points.
    Last one I lost by 2 points again. Again, had a deep guillotine from closed guard locked in with a minute to go but just couldn't complete or sweep to jag a win.


      2017 Caloundra BJJ Open

      Finally got some video done at a comp, although it's missing the last 1:40-ish due to phone storage issues.

      So went three divisions on this one ending up with two silver and a bronze. Two good matches in my weight division, going down 7-0 in Gi and 6-4 in no-gi.

      And just for shits and giggles, here's a reminder for my future self to respect the lapel controls of my opponents:

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        Didn't get much in the way of footage or images this year, but picked this up. Which is nice.


          Originally posted by cualltaigh View Post
          Didn't get much in the way of footage or images this year, but picked this up. Which is nice.

          Looks 'shopped to me... erm, I mean, Congratulations!
          Consider for a moment that there is no meme about brown-haired, brown-eyed step children.



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