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Has anyone seen this guard pass?

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    Has anyone seen this guard pass?

    hey guys, Im sorry to make a new thread but I wanted to turn to the nice people of bullshido in regards to a guard pass I have seen marcelo garcia perform on youtube.

    I can't seem to find it again to look for greater detail, and I was wondering whether it is a successful guard pass or merely crapple.

    description of the guard pass:

    you start in your opponent's closed guard.

    you begin to press his arms against the mat using bicep control, making a cross shape

    you choose an arm, let's say the left arm, and abandon bicep control for wrist control

    you stand up and put the wrist you're holding behind his back, abandon bicep control on you right arm and go for the wrist you're holding with your left hand.

    right now you are holding his right wrist with your right hand, leaving your left hand to work on pressing down on his right knee to transfer to side control.

    now, at SOME point I might have fucked up with your and your opponent's lefts and rights, I tried to fix it but I'm not sure, so bear with me. At SOME point you go back to your knees to trap his trapped arm under both your weights.

    you should be facing the free arm in side control and your opponent should have a trapped arm behind his back.

    now, I can't find this video, and I haven't been able to pull this off during rolling. However, I haven't attempted it much

    any feedback on whether this is a good guard pass will be greatly appreciated.

    Have I seen it? Yes.


      You mean this one?

      YouTube - Marcelo Garcia, Submission Grappling, MMA, Passing The Guard


        One of the blues at my academy uses this one pretty regularly, at least on me.


          Originally posted by joecos
          thank you, I couldn't find it. (saves on facebook)

          does anyone have any more guard passes to discuss that they're not sure of their success rate?


            <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="YouTube - Arm Pin Guard Pass with Reverse Hammerlock name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="YouTube - Arm Pin Guard Pass with Reverse Hammerlock type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

            this is what i have found so far not the best technie. Will keep looking for better videos


              The marcelo garcia one is the one I was looking for. The only thing is if when you are passing you have to control the opp. side hip. If you don't the guy could go for an omaplata.


                whoa, what the hell was that? nice, good find.


                I have never seen a reverse hammerlock, and I can't find anything on youtube. thoughts?
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                  Well unless you grappling a complete idiot I would not try that.


                    Tharuz is a complete idiot, and will most certainly try that.


                      I have a lot of success with this pass. I use it as a second effort pass. Usually I'm going for a 'log splitter' type pass and the guy defends by raising his hips, if I can can't keep his hips under control I switch to a wrist and feed it to my other hand, then I stand up and pass.


                        Originally posted by Munacra
                        Tharuz is a complete idiot, and will most certainly try that.

                        I like to try and give everyone the benifit of the dout, but I have been wrong before.


                          I use it on physically weaker people than myself.

                          Quite honestly it is difficult to get on someone bigger and stronger. For the initial set up you have to go 1 on 1 against the arm strength of the other person as you feed it to your other hand. Big guys just rip right out of there once they feel how shitty the position is about to get.


                            I would agree with that except there is a wrestler who fights at 170. He has this retarded grip strength and once he get a hod of your wrist, lets just say its a fight.


                              Reverse hammerlock is like the kimura without the kimura grip. Picture a guy in your open guard holding his left arm behind his back like a kimura. If you reach over and grab the wrist with your left hand, you are kind of there. It's in Royler's no-gi book.



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