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Not being "Agressive Enough"

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    Not being "Agressive Enough"

    Hi, I am new to this forum but from reading other posts I can tell there is a lot of knowledge being passed around.

    The issue I was seeking advice on is that I have been training in Ju Jitsu for almost a full year. I get the occasional taps from the new people to our club. But I have been finding more often that I am the one on the recieving end of submissions. Even in a recent tournement I found myself getting my ass handed to me. I have asked my peers and instructors what I seem to be doing wrong, all I recieve from them is that I am not being "Agressive Enough". As well I am able to do most drills perfectly and have a few
    money techniques down. I receive praise from my instructors for good technique but I am finding in sparring I am constantly in the recieving end. To note this has helped me work on my defenses and escapes.

    I have my first amateur bout coming up in January,since our club is moving into more MMA type competition.Due to this my main focus is improving my agression. Some advice I recieved is to work on my subs with the new people and to go to war with the people at my level. But work on positioning and escapes with the higher belts.

    My queston is how do I get to that level of agression ? And have others found difficulty with this too ?

    I don't know about being extra agressive, how many hours a week do you train?


      I have the opposite problem and get swept and subbed a lot while going for something, so I guess I don't have any advice for you (then again I am a noob)

      However, it seems to me that being more aggressive is not the sort of thing one normally needs advice on how to do... just attack more. Don't worry about what they're doing for a second and press the attack, no? Just like GSP did against Hughes, we all saw how well that worked for him, or Karo Parisiyan against GSP ; )


        I train 3 days a week 2 hours a class and I have a hour of open mats once a week.

        The hardest thing I found on this subject is what is it to be "agressive". From the responses I am gathering pressing the attack is what I may need to do more of. I am finding that I am taken down more often then most and I do tend to pause between transitions.

        I have no fear in being tapped lol hell it is part of training.
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          Don't wait for your opponent to make a mistake, force him to mistakes by constantly attacking and moving. Push his buttons rather than letting him push your. If you're always reacting then you're always one step behind your opponent.


            Im not sure aggression can be learned. In my opinion it is A personality trait. However you seem to have A strong desire to win, stick with it and when you get tired of being submitted you will become much more aggressive! Make sure you are being honest with yourself though and that there is not A conditioning issue to blame. good luck in your comp!


              If you don't go for'll never land any.


                Originally posted by Cracky McSlugHoot
                If you don't go for'll never land any.
                Hehe, now I feel justified.


                  to kick the aggression level before a fight, judokas slap themselves on the body;
                  if it is not enough, i recommend you to administrate yourself slap on the face, it instantly raise aggression level

                  after that is high aggression a desired state in grappling is another problem

                  ps: hi all, it is my first post in these forums, i find them very interesting, wish them a long life! i come from france and train for my third year in bjj


                    Aggression is not necessarily rushing your opponent and trying to squeeze the life out of them. Some of the most relaxed players I've rolled with are also very aggressive. To me it's about always having a plan and taking the initiative away from your opponent. For example, instead of just letting him try any kind of guard pass on you, attack him with sweeps and submissions, be they feints or not. This limits his availible moves and might force him to choose a passing technique that is not his favorite. You have the initiative. Also, instead of just defending a sub from the guard, view the defence as an immediate opening for a pass. If you start passing, you have taken the initiative away from him and you can build on his attempts to defend your pass, switching to something else if you fail.


                      I suggest reading this thread
                      and this article


                        Actually I think Polefighter has hit closest on the solution. You need to have a goal. Whether it be hitting a certain guard pass, going for a certain choke or a sweep etc, if you have a goal then you're the one pushing the buttons and your opponent will be reacting to you.



                          These suggests are great !!!! And I definetly believe this gives me lots to work on, and

                          focus on next randori.


                            I have a similar problem and recently have found a solution. STEROIDS!!!!

                            Just kidding

                            Seriously though for the last while I have found that I am getting tapped a lot. My bug issue was getting swept and the other person getting side control and just wearing me down.

                            So I worked steadily on two things.

                            Getting one sure fire sweep and reversal from side control.

                            I kept trying and practicing stuff for the last 2 months. I don't care if I get tapped all I am looking for is those 2 things, 1 good sweep and side control reversal.

                            So recently I have found that I can now do both fairly well and it has helped me in so many ways. Now I can get mount and work a number of submissions there, the one I have been working the most on from mount is shoulder choke to Americana.

                            Anyways the point is "position before submission"

                            If you can a "go to sweep" to start a match off with and a reversal from your weakest position the rest of your game will follow.

                            my 2 cents


                              Follow Gojo and Poles advice and Jonnhy's analogy regarding you pushing the buttons more than reacting to having your buttons pushed is priceless and honestly is garnered from years of experience.

                              I have found that my pausing between transitions is due largeley to NOT having a plan or a goal like the others have said. My instructor is constantly telling me to "stay active", have an "active guard" whether closed or open, KEEP MOVING!!! Shrimping, transitioning between the different side controls, etc...

                              Not being afraid to tap is good because if you pull a bad position you just tap, start over, and don't do it again. Keep at it; if anything your ahead of people who get stuck because they don't work on their escapes enough.



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