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Protecting Yourself During Sparring

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    ^^^ i'm with steve. as i wrote up above, i don't splatter people. it's not fun, not productive, and not educational. this guy was a dick. strong and using his strength all wrong. what would you have me do? should i have said 'ow, you're too rough, i won't train with you anymore'? no, you work to the buzzer, no matter your fate, right? well, i told him twice, and that's enough. an unconscious opponent can't hurt me. seems dickheaded, but it's not.

    tao, you're a recently enlightened spazzer. i'm a former spazzer. when you're spazzing, you don't even know it. neither do the current spazzers. they think that frantic activity means they're doing something that might be productive. i had one guy tell me he was working so hard because he wanted to 'impress the blue belt.' they don't realize that they're pissing off their sparring partners.


      Understood, Steve. I came out of the "go hard" white belt thing fairly quickly - being among the top guys in kickboxing/JKD class to being the bottom guy in a combat submission class bruised my ego and I felt like I had something to prove at first.

      Plus literally being underneath a guy's full weight on my chest / face / stomach was ahhhhh miserable initially - ergo me spazzing in that all too familiar "get out from under and never ever be on the bottom no matter what" syndrome.

      Once I realized that you don't ACTUALLY die, and you even have options on the bottom, I was able to overcome that spaz response. But I do see your point about squashing a guy to protect yourself. I suppose I'm fortunate that my partners have never felt they had to so severely dominate in order to teach me mat etiquette (sp).


        Now I can't wait to roll with a spaztic new guy, just so I can fuck him up under the guise of "protecting myself". -insert smirk here-

        I get it, honestly. I see how certain guys would require more physical disciplining than others.

        I think I saw it earlier in the thread, but I didn't see a verdict - what's the thinking on positional grappling for new guys? No subs, just work for control positions, guard passes, etc.

        I am trying to commit Saulo Riberio's Jiu Jitsu University to memory. In it he suggests essentially that lower belts' primary directive should be survival, then as they acheive some degree of proficiency they work on better position, then opponent control, and on up the ladder to strategy and submissions at the top levels. Does anyone actually practice this philosophy in their training?

        Monday I asked a black belt to roll with me - I told him all I wanted was to try and escape / avoid / survive. I'm smaller, but much more athletic than this guy. It was an enormously enlightening experience. He showed me about how to create space and use it, when I am / am not in danger of various get the idea. It was a good workout, and we both went away sweating and tired but the learning on my side was absolutely grand.



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