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Wear a mouthguard when you drill, roll, or spar

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    Originally posted by WFMurphyPhD View Post
    Wear a mouthguard when you drill, roll, or spar.
    It's not just the $3,000 full implant replacement of the tooth that gets knocked out.
    It's not just having to replace fillings as they get knocked loose.
    It's not just ending up with every tooth in your mouth having visible chips.
    If you do the sport for any of the time, as in real time, couple decades or a few decades,
    all of the microfractures in your teeth end up being cumulative.
    Nowadays, modern dentists can crown you up or implant you some new teeth,
    but it is expensive, unpleasant, and actually unnecessary.
    Get a quality sports mouthguard and wear it while you grapple, or drill, or spar.
    And, get dental cleaning a couple times a year with a dental check up.
    Horse and fighters, ya gotta keep their teeth and gums in good health.
    I don't. Even when I am sparring in a striking art. I should but I don't. I just got into a bad habit. I hate wearing gear.

    Over the years, I have had a full reconstruction of the left side of my face (compound fractures to my cheekbone and eye socket) I had my lower lip reattached to my face, tons of stitches and staples and micro surgeries. Had my nose broken 2 years ago. Didn't get it reset, cool looking lump there now.

    Some of this came from training/competing. Some came from drinking and being a complete idiot (27 years of no drinking today).

    My son will wear protective gear, I guarantee that.


      I'm currently in a fighting-related dental clusterfuck right now. Had a damaged tooth get infected, had to have it pulled. Waited six months for it to heal, with a removable fake front tooth I have to take out to eat. A few weeks ago, had a bone graft, soft tissue graft and implant post done, at great expense. Still have to let the new surgery heal another 6 months. So, a year of pulling out my front tooth like a hillbilly to eat and thousands of dollars later and I should be back to normal teeth. I've sidelined myself from combat sports until it's over. I hit my heavy bag and lift, but no sparring.

      Wear a mouthpiece, tough guy!


        Permalost....voted up for good advice.

        For back teeth replacement is $4k!! You need to wear the mouth guard from day 1 so you get used to it.

        I did not, didn't try until I was already sparring.

        BKR: Voted up. I have voted you up 3-4 times in the last 24 hours. No homo.

        Most forums limit the number of times you can vote.


          Sound advice. I've recently invested in a decent custom mouth guard, after accidentally chipping a veneer from an accidental stray knee whilst rolling. Expensive lesson learned, plan on wearing it during Judo too.


            Originally posted by Kravbizarre View Post
            I know my habit of not wearing one is silly but with what BKR mentioned i feel my breathing is considerably affected.
            Fully agree with the OP on mouthguards but I know a lot of people have the breathing issue (especially us mouth breathers). I've worn mine for all training since an unexpected punch in the mouth shredded my lip against my teeth.

            There's normally a space between your top and bottom teeth when you close your mouth, you can mouth breath though it. A mouthguard with a flat bottom will fill that space and virtually seal against your bottom teeth. That seems to be what inhibits breathing in a lot of people.

            It also encourages the habit of fighting mouth open when out of breath , I believe that makes the lower jaw more vulnerable and increases the risk of tongue biting.

            I've found a ridged bottom mouthguard (I use a shock doctor but there are others) keeps that breathing space open even with a clamped jaw. It's not perfect but you should get used to it if you do all your training with it.



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