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Boxing sparring after long layoff

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    Originally posted by Emevas View Post
    For combos, I never really see an opportunity to throw. I can barely get the single shot in before he's already away. Should I just throw a combo regardless?

    The inside is definitely where I shine, I just can't get in there with the large working space and my poor footwork.
    If we're talking specifically about this guy here's what I'd do:

    Watch the tape - his lead foot is moving before the shot almost every time. He's lifting his heel and stepping in pretty slowly. Time him! He drops his right on the way in. Keep your chin down, take his little jab and throw a nice tight left hook and see what happens. You'll like it.

    Beyond that you nailed it - footwork and basic defense. Hands tight and elbows in.

    Overall you looked better when he came to you. Let him come in, then move forward to keep him inside your power range. For this guy uppercut on the inside is your friend.

    You can time him coming in and there's no real worry about his power when he's moving back. He always moves straight back or slightly to your right. Throw an overhand right or a long right hook when he's retreating.

    If the guy doesn't adapt this stuff should work pretty good.


      Great advice, thanks man.


        Originally posted by tao.jonez View Post
        2 - You're reaaaaaly reaching on a lot of those shots. Look at your hooks. They are coming from miles away. Seems like inside is where you'd do best based on your size and reach.
        Nice eye TJ

        I'm thinking maybe he needs to work on distancing. The reach looks pretty even, I would work on staying knife-edge close to the limits of his reach. You can work slips blocks and leans from there and counter without having to reach so much.

        Also I would snap the jabs a bit more straight. Its easier to get the glove to slip in through the openings and its faster. Right now it looks back-handish.


          EMEVAS - you got any more vid? been a couple weeks...

          I expect you to move like Floyd Mayweather by now.


            I'm with my in-laws in CO right now, and my base is about to get an inspection, so sparring has been on low priority. I'm just lifting presently.


              1. At first I kind of though you were dropping your guard as a means to lure the opponent into a strike, Though I really did not see you follow up on that so I assume now it's an accident. You could drop your guard a tad to lure the person into a straight punch, and then slip and come in with a hook.

              2. Combo's Combo's Combo's. I can tell you that guy was going easy on you. We all know the feeling. He is holding back the combo's. Once you get a dominant position you need to keep moving and keep up that pressure.

              3. Your defense is stale. It seemed like you primarily blocked most of them by covering up. You could have went for some slips, or if thats uncomfortable you could simply...uhh whats the correct term.... Well it's when you swat them out of the way a bit. It was good that you would close guard as he got closer to you, but remember when your opponent is farther away you should have your guard out a bit to make defense easier.

              Now I know I said a lot. I will be honest you are probably better then me, Though I can spot these problems I can tell you I have trouble myself. For that long a hiatus you did quite well.


                I actually don't feel the other guy was going easy on me, he says he more doesn't like to engage. He came from an ammy background, and likes to mainly get in, jab, and get out.

                I did attempt luring a few times, and manage to capitalize on it once with a right hook. I think with my poor footwork, I need to stop chasing and let him come in more.

                Thanks for the tips. I hope I can get some more sparring in soon.



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