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Feet Position in the Guard

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    Feet Position in the Guard

    I have a question for all you BJJ guys about your feet position when you are sitting in your opponent's guard. Generally I am sitting on top of my feet postured up.

    My question is when is it better to sit on top of your feet, and when is it better to be on your toes in the guard? I ask this because I recently had my ankle popped very hard when someone caught me in a sit-up sweep and as we went over my ankle was crushed beneath us. :sad8:

    I generally am on the balls of my feet until I get postured up, then drop my feet flat while I work in order to keep my hips as low as possible.
    I've been rolled over my ankle a time or two, but was always able to flatten out in time to avoid damage, but it did make me more attentive to where my feet/ankles were while I was in someones guard.


      I was always taught to be on your toes, so you're more mobile/explosive.

      Just like everything in Jiu jitsu, there is no cut and dry approach, different things are needed at different times, and different things work for different people.

      Experiment, yo. I suggest looking into the combat base, I think its called. Yeah, check that out, but stay flexible. Rolling is for experimenting, so experiment!

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      I agree with moosey


        it's probably one of those things that is different for everyone. i can tell you what i do though.

        i'm not 100% conscious of what i do in these situations. but i believe that i don't sit on the balls of my feet most of the time, but let them lay flat underneath me. kinda like this:

        when i'm sitting up higher, pushing forward, etc, it changes.

        over time i've learned to let my body move, bend and fold up so as not to get twisted awkwardly. if i was getting pushed back and knew there was nothing i could do about it, i'm pretty certain my feet would be in the position shown in the photo.

        it's actually a very important thing to learn in my opinion. i've fractured bones a couple of times just from an awkward movement when a limb gets stuck under my body or theirs.
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          I'll only come up on to my toes when I'm applying forward pressure with my hips into my opponent. I use the same rule of thumb when I'm in combat base.

          I'm a big guy and being on my toes REALLY brings my base up. If you are on your toes all the time then, as Kintanon said, your base is much higher (3-4" up is *much* higher).

          In the end, if you feel your feet trapped and they are going to get the sweep from whatever position... TAP. I would rather tap and restart from the position they were going to successfully obtain (they would start in mount in your situation) than to be nursing sprained/torn/broken limbs.


            I'm usually on the knuckles of my toes. It's a matter of comfort.

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              I'm usually on the insteps of my feet when posturing up while in someone's guard.
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                I do both, but I try not to be on the balls of my feet. I've had my ankle jammed when someone just kicked away to get room to stand up, which wouldn't have happened had I been on my instep.



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