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Assess my BJJ guard game

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    Assess my BJJ guard game

    Okay i am a white belt, im 65 kilo and have been doing bjj for about a year and a half. I only do Gi, and very little no gi.

    I am going to list my 'go to moves' from my guard. It is heavily centered around kimuras, as my go to move, Usually i do not get the kimura, cause everyone knows to defend them on me, but i find it gives me options to attack for other shit.

    Guard: The First thing i go to is a Kimura when someone is in my guard provided i have their posture broken, even if i do not get it, it at least allows me to scoot out on my side. Sometimes i might get somewhere with the kimura and might transition to a triangle as seen here: That is my go to submission:
    YouTube - Mike Swick's Gym Tricks #1: Kimura To Triangle Choke

    Occasionally ill try for an armbar from my failed kimura shown here, although this move has a lower success rate, i only do it if i feel that i can get it:
    YouTube - Kimura to armbar from the guard

    The sweeps i go for are the kimura sweep seen (badly) here
    YouTube - Kimura Sweep

    If this fails and i end up back i guard, i then go for a Pendulum Sweep. Shown (badly again) here

    If this fails i try and take the back from the guard.

    If all this fails. I go to my open guard game.

    My open guard game starts off as spider guard, with my feet in their elbows ideally, and i go for a triangle choke by lifting one leg up, one leg down and get a triangle. If that fails. i go for this sweep
    YouTube - Spider Guard Hook Sweep

    If this fails, i transition into the de la riva guard, and from there i always excute taking the back or sweeping them with a 90% success rate on fellow whites and 40% on blue belts.

    What do you think bullshido?

    What sort of assesment are you looking for? It's hard to critique without seeing what you're doing.

    At 65kg I wouldn't see the Kimura from guard as a good go to move as it's fairly easy to muscle a defence to it. If you're going to play the kimura/hip bump sweep there's a nice triangle entry for if they base out and you can hit oma's off it as well but I prefer the triangle entry.

    Those are nice figures for your De La Riva guard, what sweep and back take are you using? Why and how are you trasnistioning from Spider to De La Riva? I play triangle from spider alot and usually transfer to a Lassoo grip and work my sweeps from there if I'm not catching triangles.

    What are you using as a set up for the pendulum sweep?


      Without actually seeing you play guard who's to say? If I described my guard game you'd all think i was retarded.


        There is no way to assess your guard game accurately without video. Even this is a poor substitute for being there watching you spar in person. This is the type of question you should ask your instructor or a purple belt or higher rank.

        Moved to Gitmo due to the nebulous nature of the question.
        Shut the hell up and train.


          Actually, I think your a troll until I see otherwise.

          "Hey, what do you gyzzz think of the progression I use from guard and here is video of each position."

          I think after a year and a half of gi BJJ training if this is your only progression from closed guard you need to find other training partners.



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