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I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...

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    Originally posted by M1K3
    I agree here with VF. Your are there to learn and improve your game, not to stroke his ego. If he doesn't want to explain in the future simply say, "Dude, your too good for me, I need to work more at my own level" and find someone else. The counter to that move will come in time.
    The underlined quote is a perfect response. It will avoid the "hey, that guy don't want to roll wit me 'cause he is afraid of me" shit; this guy obviously has a shitty ego.

    VF's advice is correct in that you are not learning shit if he has subbed you 9 fucking times with a brabo-like choke in 2 damn rolls. The "not learning" is not really your fault, its the asshole who keeps doing to you without helping you.

    Its just shitty training on that guys part. My triangle is pretty sharp against guys my level or lower. Typically, on a guy who is newer or not quite as good I'll simply lock the triangle and let him work out of it rather than grab the leg, get the angle, and choke him out.

    My instructor does the same with me. I know when I fucked, but he will usually ease up to let me work out and he usually does not submit me with the same thing over and over again.

    It sucks for you because you know that if you get paired up with this idiot he's just gonna crank the brabo from half-guard. You could also work on other parts of your game, i.e., sweeps from guard or try to secure, maintain and play a top-game.

    Good luck.


      Thanks for all the advice guys. I don't think it will be too hard to avoid rolling with the guy for a while and now that I have a better idea of what he's doing I can work on it with some of the other guys and at least figure out what I need to do to stop it.


        I'm about as rusty as they come in bjj, but this is the first thing that comes to mind from your description


          Nah, I know the twister from my wrestling days. Anyways. Updates for everyone, apparently Adam is Psychic, or reads the boards or something. Cause we were working escapes from under side control and in the process of him pointing out that I was halfassing the escape by just wedging my knee in he mentioned Brian subbing me every time I stuck in the half guard. Proceeded to tell me it was a Darce choke, and explain that I shouldn't be giving him the underhook from there, instead I should be trying to get back to full guard unless I am very good at protecting my head/neck. So I'm going to work on that and work on getting back to full guard instead.


            Yep. D'Arce = Brabo.

            If you are able to do the whip up correctly and be in position for the old school, one thing you could try is coming up to your knees instead (Bravo calls this the "Dogfight"). GoldenJonas already mentioned the spaghetti arm against the strong whizzer, Bravo's got a bunch of moves utilizing the same thing (though he calls it the "limp arm" or something like that).

            Edit: nvm he already covered all that.

            In addition to full guard, if you're butterfly guard game is ok, you could try transitioning to that too.
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              I don't think I can maintain butterfly against him, I can barely manage to keep full guard for more than a few seconds if he's really trying to pass. I'm just happy knowing WTF was going on.


                Originally posted by Das Moose
                He won't tell you? What the fuck?
                My thoughts exactly. Every single person that I've rolled has explained me how they got me, what I did wrong and what to do to prevent it, and they remind me while we roll to defend against it.

                I woulnd't be so polite with that douche bag, though. I would simply say, loud and clear for others to hear (including the instructor) that I don't want to roll with him since he keeps subbing me with the same sub and yet refuses to explain, and that I come to roll and learn, and not to be used as an ego-stroking sub dummy.

                Chances are that if he does this to Kintanon, he also does it to others. Embarrassing his ego a little may actually wake him up to stop being such a gigantic faggot douchebag.

                -- EDIT --

                Another possibility is to talk to your instructor in private and explain your concern on this, and ask him to remind the others students next to explain their less experience partners how they got submitted and how they can defend against it next time, that this is not a sub tourney, but a school and they are all partners in it.

                Again, my take is that this guy may not only do it to Kintanon but to others as well, and if there is a way to implement some corrective action, even if it involves calling him on it, the better for everybody involved.

                Originally posted by Kintanon
                PizDoff: Does that move feel like a neck crank? I'm not getting choked by whatever he's doing... The arm position there looks right for the way it feels like he's grabbing me.
                It can be. When my instructor (or some other brown belt or purple) does it, it does feel like a choke. But when we drill it with some of the other guys, it feels like a neck crank even when I let them sink (while we drill it.)
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                  Originally posted by Kintanon
                  Yeah, my next issue becomes, WTF do I do with him from my halfguard now? lol. That's a whole 'nother set of problems though. The guy outclasses me to a degree which is slightly annoying since he keeps subbing me with the same move. The other guys that dominate me that badly are kind enough to switch it up and sub me with different things, or point out what I should be doing instead of handing them submissions openings.

                  If I were you, this is what I would do: I would ask the instructor to set up a private lesson where you just go over the half guard position. I'm not a huge fan of privates because I learn more by rolling with a bunch of different people in regular class, but they are great on occassion if you have a specific technique or position you want detailed instruction on.


                    Apparently Adam (School owner/instructor) is psychic, this is the second time that he's directly addressed something I was concerned about pretty much immediately after I started being concerned about it. So I don't think I need any privates just yet. Now that I know what's going on I can work on it with other people.


                      Originally posted by Kintanon
                      Apparently Adam (School owner/instructor) is psychic, this is the second time that he's directly addressed something I was concerned about pretty much immediately after I started being concerned about it. So I don't think I need any privates just yet. Now that I know what's going on I can work on it with other people.
                      I'm gonna start my own Time/Life book series on the BJJ Hivemind.

                      "Just as Johnny, in Kansas City, was thrusting his hips to secure the triangle on Jose for the 7th time during their epic roll Billy, in Sacramento, postured at the same time as Jose countered by posturing, breaking the triangle and passing Johnny's guard with knee through the middle....and somewhere, in the Brazilian rainforest in the canopy on top of a mammoth 70' palm tree, a wayward tear rolled down the grizzled face of Helio Gracie while harvesting Acia."



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