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Have you ever snapped someone's arm/knee/ankle?

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    Have you ever snapped someone's arm/knee/ankle?

    Since the chokeout thread went so well, here's a spinoff. Ever snapped someone's joint?

    I broke someone's arm in a tournament once. It was a fairly signficant judo tournament, national points. and the finals. My opponent was a sort of buddy of mine from Nova Scotia, we usually hung out and drank at nationals, very nice guy. He was winning the match pretty handily, up by a wazari and a yuko. With around thirty seconds left we end up on the ground and I got a juji on him. His arm was out straight, I had him dead to rights. I started pulling and all I was thinking was "Scotty, please tap". I had a feeling he wasn't going to and I probably wouldn't have in the same situation either, less than thirty seconds, you can tough it out. There was a nice snap and then he tapped. I felt kind of bad but it was his fault.

    I did a similar thing at Am-Can one year. Guy caught me in juji and I stood up and pulled him off the mat to get a matte. In the process my arm snapped pretty loudly and didn't want to work very well the rest of the match. I was ahead though and managed to hold out for the win. A bit of ice, some naproxen and it was a good as new for the next one.

    Popped it or broke it?
    "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal


      I've had my ankles popped several times; my 40's on are going to suck greatly.

      Anyway, I generally know my strength and work to secure a submission completely before cranking on it so as to avoid injuring the other guy.


        A friend of mine broke the elbow on a drug-addict 2 years ago. He was approached by someone that took hold of his collar. In an attempt at forcing him to let go, he swung his own arm over the attacker's, but the attackers hand got trapped, and his arm broke near the elbow-joint.


          I was trainning with a guy once and I'd secured a straight Juji Gatame but he wasn't tapping, I bridged up slowly and popped the elbow a little, he wasn't showing any pain on his face or anything like up to that point and I was thinking I's got it wrong somehow but obviously not.

          Another time I got a simlar thing going for a Kimura on someone, i don't really understand why they didn't tap but they claim the pain came instantly with no warning at all prior to it. Personally I think both of them where playing the hard man a bit much because I've certainly never seen anything like that happen during normal drilling.


            I have had one knee and both arms popped, but not broken. I have popped joints on other people including once outside of training. To my knowledge I have never actually broken anyone else's bones.

            My arm got popped most recently in September IIRC (see training log). It popped three times, quite loudly, but it did not break.
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            Shut the hell up and train.


              The only time I've fractured anyone was during a shihonage. I did the technique faster than he could follow and he got a shoulder strain and an incomplete supracondylar fracture, I think. He was a noob and I was a kid, an asshole too apparently.


                Originally posted by Garbanzo Bean
                Popped it or broke it?
                In my first example from the tournament I actually broke his arm, either his radius or ulnam can't remember which. My own example I just popped it, at least I assume I did since I was okay to continue after some ice and anti-inflammatories,


                  I've popped a couple guy's arms. Once when a much bigger stronger gotard wouldn't tap in sparring, another time when I had a challenge match with a pimp/coke dealer/future prison bitch in my basement, he cried in front of his friends, I held back the laughter till he left.


                    As a matter of fact I have. My own. Courtesy of:

                    Word of advice: People under that age of 14 shouldn't be trusted alone with heavy machinery.
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                      1 elbow
                      1 knee
                      2 ankles
                      way too many necks for comfort (I don't do neck cranks anymore, after I thought I killed someone)

                      1 ankle

                      The snapped ankle was some during judo practice where a noob did something funky to try to avoid getting uchi-mata'd. I was like, score! A broken ankle's worth three ippons, right?

                      And all this in a only year of training!

                      So, anyone want to roll? .... anyone?


                        The cartilage in my ribcage ripped in two places at a BJJ tournament in April, leading to my current retirement from competition.
                        "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal


                          Never broke anything very badly.

                          Popped a TKDer friend's arm with an arm crush from mount.

                          Popped one of my training partner's arm with a juji from mount. He was so pumped up that he didn't feel any pain. As it popped I let go at the same time as he tapped and we just stared at each other for a few seconds, realizing what had just happened.

                          I had my usual luck and got a free pass in the first elimination round. In that round my training partner choked his opponent unconscious with a loop choke from standing. Our team had no idea what happened as his opponent went for a double leg and he made no attempt whatsoever to sprawl it. After a few seconds we noticed that the opponent wasn't moving very much. We both knew that we would face each other in the next round and things felt very awkward.


                            I put it on in a controlled fashion and gave him ample time to tap out but he held on too long and thus ended up with a busted arm. I might've done the same thing in his shoes
                            Judo is fucking retarded.

                            DON'T TAP, YOU MIGHT LOSE!


                            Where the fuck is the guy saying "Let it go, man, it's just fucking Judo!"!? They need a guy like that at every tourney, IMO, until people stop doing this crap. Losing at Judo will not cripple you for life. Trying not to lose at Judo very definitely could.


                              Doesn't this happen often enough that it should be hard to recall how many/what you popped? Unless we're talking about major damage only?

                              Most recently I got an unpleasant popping sound from someone's back because they wouldn't tap quickly enough to a spine lock.



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