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Probably Been Addressed - Pool Noodles For Padwork

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    Probably Been Addressed - Pool Noodles For Padwork

    Alright Fighters, I searched on the function for searching, didn't do much digging, came straight here to ask the question.

    How effective are pool noodles for padwork?

    I can understand them to a degree, from the position of the person "holding pads" it makes it easy to simulate an attack with little to no effort, flicka da wrist, if you will. There you can improve bob, weave, footwork, etc.

    But watching a young fella coach an even younger fella the other day using the noodles, he was using the noodles as pads as well. Now, dude had trained in Thailand, and I am certainly not an expert striker, so I'm not saying anyone is wrong here, but it occurred to me that punching noodles vs punching pads is two very different beasts.

    Firstly, the angle, the noodles are coming down onto the glove, and secondly, there would be very little, if any, resistance to the puncher's punch.

    I know that pads aren't meant to be hit heavy bag style, but a solid connect is desirable, I would have thought.

    Anyway, my striking novice is shining through, let me know you're thoughts.

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    Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
    I <3 Battlefields...

    We had a thread once where we discussed how certain substances made less desirable full contact training tools based on their molecular structure. I think it was a metal vs rattan vs foam discussion...maybe HEMA or CMA weapons sparring, using either full on foam or foam wrapping.

    I'll try to find it but generally the foam used to make pool noodles has a structural matrix that makes it a poor substitute for traditional pads, for the reason you mentioned. The matrix of material is so shock absorbant it becomes more like punching pudding than a solid body.


      Found the thread. Not 100% applicable but some good commentary on the pros and cons of full contact with foam. Obviously weapons sparring vs mitt training is different context but there is some overlap.

      "In Defense of Foam Swords"

      Some salient points IIRC, based on a brief refresher.

      - some claims that foam allows closer to full contact speed (because there is just enough resistance, mostly air pockets in the polyethylene foam matrix, to feel like a target).

      - notable Dog Brothers references (they use foam in training, so why the hell not).
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