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The Muaythai Clinch - Malaipet instructional DVD

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  • WhiteShark
    hmmmm Sounds promising you know I love the clinch game. What kind of throws did they cover?

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  • The Muaythai Clinch - Malaipet instructional DVD

    I picked up this video recently as I've been trying to expand on my knowledge of the muaythai clinch (it's very difficult to find good instruction on clinching). This video is excellent as far as instructionals go. In the DVD there's a nice variety of techniques ranging from the basics of securing and breaking the clinch (with a few details I didn't know), defense, elbows, and (my favorite) throws/take downs from the clinch.

    Each technique is broken down and very nicely described to give a clear idea of the fundamental details used. Everything is simple and understandable and can be easily applied with a partner, but there is a lot of good stuff in there that I think most muaythai practitioners would benefit from. I have a pretty solid clinch game (as it's one of my major strong points) and I found this video very helpful and informative.

    I highly recommend this DVD to anyone looking to expand on their knowledge of the muaythai clinch.


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