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The Muaythai Clinch - Malaipet instructional DVD

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    After reviewing the DVD again, its funny seeing how many of the techniques he uses are so similar, yet different, from the variations I know. There are only a couple of variations he uses throughout the video that I use almost identically. There are a lot of them where I use parts of one technique he demonstrates mixed with something he does from another technique.....

    PS.... So White Shark, why did you move my post to Trollshido? What did I do wrong?


      I clicked the wrong button. Your post was fine. Thats why I reposted the content as a quote block. I didn't have permission to move stuff out of Trollshido so I couldn't bring it back the other day after I moved it. Sorry.

      Let me add some content:
      I used a single neck tie with bicep control to throw someone into the cage wall the other day. Some of these MT throws are even more fun when you can bounce someone off the cage. The cage also keeps them from stepping out far enough to defend. :)



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