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Anyone heard or tried B2 Fitness Gear?

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    Anyone heard or tried B2 Fitness Gear?

    Hey all,

    I was doing some Ebay hunting for gear and noticed this seller called B2 fitness that sells MMA equipment. I was particularly interested in the MT Pads and Sparring Face Guards:

    The Face Guard looks like a Fairtex sparring face guard:

    The MT Pads have buckles....I guess that is a good sign:

    Anyway, the US price isn't that bad. Less than what you can get for similar brands in the US. The shipping isn't bad either.

    Am I getting too excited here for some McDojo brand?

    Don't get a no name brand, they wear quickly and i've even seen dye oozing off peoples gear after there first class because they decided to spend $10 on all there gear, go with a name brand it may be costly but it will last you a long time. Personally i like twins and fairtex but almost all name brands are pretty good except i dont like everlast that much another good one is title.



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