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    Originally posted by socratic View Post

    Here's a follow up blog post he's made to Phrost's post here. Take a guess at which poster I am on his articles?
    I like how he claims victory when he failed to provide any proof for his claims (most specifically that bullshido is making tons of money by supporting frauds), shuts down the ability for anyone to continue to comment, then claims we had no response to his points.

    Does anyone know what this guy looks like? I'm curious to know.


      I am still waiting for Martial Development to make a valid point. I believe they are saying that we are a group of MA bullies who dare call out fraud as it presents itself....I'm sorry, but (that's a bad thing?)


        I enjoy his request that everyone make a charitable donation to even be allowed to speak on his page. That is, if you disagree with him

        Update; So I have told him my charity of choice for the year, he still seems to be deleting my posts. Hmm.....
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          The best part is you can just make up names as you go along! He probably can't even IP-ban so you could just make up a new name if he started deleting your comments as you post them.


            I've tried looking at other parts of the site and it's hurting my brain, I can't even comprehend it. I stumbled over a Dim Mak article...


            It reads like Chun responses on Youtube, hilarious, then tragically misinformed and then down right bizarre. I hate the concept of trolling but sweet Mary I want to troll that place into oblivion.


              Hes annoying.... really annoying... someone should just spam the crap out of his website basically shutting it down from comments.


                Or we could ignore him like the irrelevant know-nothing asshat he is.


                  Hey somebody said i'm not a completely horrible human being :icon_sunn



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