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Attention Martial Artists: Do Your Part

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    Attention Martial Artists: Do Your Part

    Ok, so this is a bit offtopic when it comes to the Martial Arts or MMA stuff, but very relevant and reporting on this was authorized by your very own Mr. Phrost.

    A few days ago, anonymous, 4chan, the esteemed off topic, SA goons and hell even Ebaumsworld has joined together in a massive attacking of Scientology and it's utter BS. They mounted an assault using very basic internet attacks methods from DDOS'ing and just simply calling them and faxing them black images. The plan is to attract media attention and then expose them for what they are.

    So you want to join Project Chanology eh? Fight the good fight for the Internet? Or perhaps you are a skeptic, doubtful we can do anything? I won't lie to you. I am an /i/nsurgent first, a /b/tard second, and an all around Anonymous, but I know that for a fight against the Beast it will take more than what every chan combined can muster. We might be rivals; hell, we might hate each other's guts, but this goes beyond just us. The people of the Internet, Anonymous, the Goons of SA, OTers who were previously thwarted in an attempted stunt at the Mission: Impossible 3 opening, the YTMNDers, various hacker groups, trolls of the world, the GameFAQs members, the Gaians, the eBaumers; us old time Internet users, and the newest of noobs, the YouTubers and MySpacers, must band together for a fight that transcends our differences and takes us to a level beyond our individual selves. When things happen to Scientology, like that South Park episode or Tom Cruise going insane on Oprah's show, Scientology loses lots of credibility. We need to finish that off, or leave it open for the major media to deliver the coup-de-grace.

    Let's do this. Together.

    Now why should you care? Because this is exactly what fighting the BS in martial arts should be like. We're talking about a group of people from the age of 13 to their mid 20's going about and gathering together and fighting a very very evil multi-billion dollar corporation that kills people and steals money and kidnaps children. I don't know if you guys understand what's really going on or understand the weight of the situation, but this really is a turning point in history. Anonymous is really underestimated right now as a bunch of kids with nothing else to do. But what you don't understand that it isn't. This is a small revolution, and in a world where nobody gives a shit anymore about having their own voice and opinion on the status of the world, all these people gather together and are shouting at the top of their lungs for scientology to kill itself.

    I'm normally not one to help out in such causes, but for some reason, I am hooked and am in full support of anonymous.

    So why can't we join together and fight the ATA? WTF? ITF? Etc. etc. There is enough skill, enough resources and enough ability between all of the members here on the site to do so much more direct damage so much faster than what anonymous is doing. What are you so afraid of? We have members from all over the world and we could do so much.

    If you're interested in the attack on Scientology here's a few links that'll be helpful about this dangerous cult.

    And our sociocide thread on it:

    I don't know about you guys, but I've been up for almost 72 hours now trying to keep up with the news and how things are advancing. In less than 5 days, anonymous has cost Scientology a huge amount of money. Has gotten them to buy new servers, new services, kept their IT department awake for 5 days straight now, tied up their phone lines, taken down all of their websites, ordered tons of pizza to their doorsteps, clogged up their mail, raided their churches, handed out leaflets to members, distributed their $15,000 CD's freely, gotten over 20,000 people behind them to battle scientology, and still have had time to work, school, etc. I mean there are CHILDREN fighting this war right now.

    I for one have been at the edge of my seat watching all of this unfold and keeping notes on everything that has happened. There's so much happening right now it's amazing. So much that is public that if you just looked, you'd see how much effort is being put into this. This is special people, no matter how retarded this is or looks, this has been one hell of a ride, and I promise you is right now laying precedent to tactical e-warfare.

    Disclaimer: does not endorse the commission of illegal acts. Use of to commit such acts will result in banning
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    For those too retarded to read:


      i love this whole thing, but why are we attacking scientology again? just because the practitioners are batshit insane or is it really a threat in some way.


        Originally posted by gurakshun
        i love this whole thing, but why are we attacking scientology again? just because the practitioners are batshit insane or is it really a threat in some way.

        Watch and learn.

        I know that multiple religions have done really terrible shit in the past. But this is happening, NOW, in OUR time. The terrible things are happening and for the first time in history, the common people are powerful enough to stop it and say something about it. This is why this is so important, why this is such a huge turning point in history.


          This whole thing is awesome.

          Good work, Sirc.


            If any of you are on any other MA or MMA or any kind of martial arts webforum, do your part and copy/paste this article link! Go GO Go!

            FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! We need as many people to see this as possible. This isn't just for fighting against scientology, this is stepping stones for fighting untruths and bullshit. Do NOT let them hold you down like this.




                Read the post above yours and shut the fuck up.

                FOX NEWS picks up the story ON THE FRONT PAGE:



                  This looks like it could get interesting. especially if Anon has done that much damage.


                    Sirc, where can I find more information about the Anonoyouse (sorry, about the spelling) group?


                      Now on Sociocide's front page too...


                        Its not the "untruths and bullshit" that are the issue, its the pattern of ruthless suppression and intimidation, the fact that non-beleivers are explicitly "enemies".

                        Research "Lisa McPherson" if you want to know.

                        Sirc - awesome.
                        "You know what I like about you, William? You like guns AND meditation."


                          This looks pretty interesting...and I support absolutely anything that is against Scientology and all the douchebag lunatics that belong to this fucking cult.


                            Dropping in to post a quick note:

                            One of the things we do here at Bullshido is apply our own brand of Skepticism (which usually involves critically thinking about punching people) to help fight BS. We're not suggesting anyone do anything other than help get the word out, but getting the word out to people who do not follow the depths of Internet culture enough to know what YTMND and the Chans are, is absolutely essential.

                            So please, post a link to this thread and a brief explanation around on your blog or as many related sites as you can. Help get the word out here.



                              What size packets are they sending?

                              I'm using windows right now so my packet size is limited, but hell, I can always help.
                              GUIZ THIS IS LIEK MY SIGNACHOOR LOLOL




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