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    Alert the Internet Shogunate... Ninjas On the Prowl!

    From member Chaunfa Tom:

    Well basically, E-Budo members were questioning the lineage of Konigun Ninjutsu, a small chain of Ninja Dojos situated in small backwoods southern towns. In 2003 Dallas claimed he was going to Japan to meet with his secret Japanese teacher Saiija. Don Roley said "well I live in Japan, I would like to meet your teacher". Dallas gave many excuses and of course, never went to Japan.<table class="image" align=left>
    <caption align="right"><font size="-2"><div class="info">"Ninja Master" Bryce Dallas, suing the Internet for talking about him. Ninja Business is Serious Business, apparently. What'd we do without Ninjas?</div></font></caption>
    <tr><td></td></tr></table>In the first thread members of his school came forward with stories of Dallas having sex with young female members and they would be in his "Super Secret Ninja Inner Knighthood". The more you read into the thread it becomes very obvious that Konigun Ninjutsu is a cult.

    The second thread is more recent with more allegations of Bryce Dallas' abuse of members. More promises to prove his lineage. More of his cultees defending him til death. If you just read about the 10 last pages on the first thread you get the idea.

    We'll keep you posted as this story develops.

    You can view the original thread on Bullshido that brought this to our attention here.

    Additionally, more information can be found on one of the e-budo threads in question here.

    Holy crap! Are they going to comit mass suicide ?!


      I'm just glad that there is an art out there with worse lineage wars than _ing _un. Oh, and that it's completely made up and fake, as opposed to the secrets of hand-slapping that have been cautiously passed down for generations.




        Does the guy in the picture have bitch tits?


          Hmm, that gives me an idea....


            You're gonna go get bitch tits?






                  There are more than enough verifiable, legitimate peeps on Bullshido with the expertise to step forward and shoot down this moron's claims of rank & status. I, for one, am in.

                  His CMA - TCMA rank claim is uber bullshit as the idiot has mixed the colored Sash rank scheme not uncommon in CMA - TCMA with the Dan scheme associated with Judo, Karate and such.


                    Yeah there is no question that he is bullshido.
                    Read some of the stuff kage said on pg 61 about not ever having "the honor" of meeting or even contacting saiija after 17 years of training.

                    The big thing now is that he is sueing people in federal court for posting on that thread.


                      Lawyers are "teh real" modern ninja, so it makes sense... :)

                      Last edited by Lefty; 1/22/2006 5:12pm, .


                        Yes, but you know inside every fat "ninja" is a thin ninja desperately trying to flip out.


                          Ninjas On the Prowl! Send the Brazilians!


                            Forensic Evindence (LOL)

                            Hello Everybody,

                            First time poster here.

                            Please check out the two "certifications" posted in KONIGUN's website:


                            Please observe the signature blocks, fonts, style of diploma...

                            Can we say sad printing techniques? LOL.

                            Also, lovely... the way the book cover has KONIGUN written in Katakana, an alphabet reserved for foreign words. I am no Japanese expert, but that is just sad. Maybe some beautiful Kanji next time.

                            I came upon this site, researching the Frank Dux BS out there, and this website was on the money. I enrolled in 1985 for the "Purple Belt Program". After realizing what a crock of shit it was, I stopped going.

                            Later on, I joined the service. A couple of years later, my mother calls me crying, staying that she is being sued by some guy for breach of contract (I stopped paying the fees when I quit the "dojo").

                            Anyway, I was just a victim of Frankie's many lawsuits.

                            Now if I can find the membership card so you guys can have a laugh...




                              I dunno, it seems that God has approved of this guys legitimacy. How can you guys argue with THAT?
                              (hmmph! All I have on my certificates are the heads of the systems. Mere mortals. I suudenly feel cheapened by this whole thing)



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