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Another 6 Year Old Karate Black Belt

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    Another 6 Year Old Karate Black Belt,,2-2005170400,00.html

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    Wow, his dad taught him. That just adds TONS more of credibility to his black belt.


      i could take him.


        You guys are so last week.


          i could've taken him last week, too.


            Ed, 37, said: "Ever since Alfie could walk he did punches and kicks and begged us to let him do karate."
            Yeah, he begged huh? Can anyone imagine this situation?

            A loud, high-pitched screech of, "I WANNNAAA LEEAAARN KROTTYYYYY!!!" :sad2: Accompanied by crocodile tears, a bright red face, and snot bubbling out of his nose. Then when the parents give in, his face would return to normal in under 5 seconds.

            Then when he does take class, he'll have the attention span of a fucking gnat, and not really learn anything. Consequently, he gets his BB for just showing up and pumping money into the system.

            ...He'll be swirlied like any other freshman in highschool.
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              90 minutes? Were they running outside every 5 minutes to refresh the kids memory.


                Originally posted by It is Fake??
                90 minutes? Were they running outside every 5 minutes to refresh the kids memory.
                are you saying 90 minutes is too long? i don't get it.


                  Isn't he a champion already!?!?


                    I always thought that said "Is it fake???"




                      same here

                      I even had to look at that a couple times after you pointed it out to process the whole thing.



                        wait a sec,, he got a knockout?
                        damn.. i've been out achieved by a 6 year old..
                        so whats new?


                          Originally posted by MaverickZ
                          are you saying 90 minutes is too long? i don't get it.

                          Yeah, for a six year old kid and implying he did it straight.

                          No not for a test.


                            Dosn't this make you want to go find the first idiot you see on the street and beat 6 types of shi'te out of him.But that would be wrong.So I'd have to make do with my Bag.


                              You guys are taking "knockout" too literally. It's just a eye-catcher to make you read the rest of the article.

                              One, I seriously doubt the ability of a little kid to generate enough power to knock out another kid, or even the viciousness of it. No doubt, yes, he could bite your ankles clean off, but the ability to knockout someone else? Highly improbable.

                              Two: Googling his name brings up nothing relevent, even with the words "knockout" or "fight" incorperated. If he really KO'ed another kid, you'd sure bet there would be more information on it. The martial arts community would be getting heavy fire by now, if 6 year olds were KO'ing each other.

                              Three: The probability of parents letting kids into a tournament where such contact would occur, or even the probability of that kind of tournament existing.

                              Don't worry guys, you aren't being shown up by a 6 year old.



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