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    "Rad KI" Challenge Video

    (Picture added for reference purposes only).

    This video clip is of a Rad Ki kid who has accepted a challenge by a skeptical martial artist.

    Details aren't 100% confirmed on this, but as you'll see in the video, the Ki (pronounced by the guy "Kai") proponent attempts to use his 'powers' to throw blasts at the challenger. Failing this, they spar, and hilarity ensues.

    We've got this video mirrored, and it can be seen here:

    Additionally, you can see posts by the "Rad Ki" guys in this thread:

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    Great stuff.


      I wonder if that dose of reality effected the chi-warrior's beliefs.


        Some background info:

        Background on the video:

        Dear Mr. Josh Skinner donjitsu2,
        I hereby accept your Radki Challenge. I think it is stupid of your to ever have a challenge like this but I have heard enough of your tradkiers telling us we are wrong. This will end soon and you will be begging to learn Shadow Fist.

        Name: Jeremy Rusk
        Handle: Ki_shadow_Master and KimasterJeremy
        City/State: Alcoa, TN
        Prior Training: 5 years training under Mistery Shadow 3 years of Tae Kwon Do
        Age: 19
        Technique: Ki Blast, I also want to fight you."

        And background on the challenge:


          That really hurt? YEAH! Alright, are you done? YEAH! Good.


            Wuss, no Ki shields allowed. We know his weakness.


              Reality guy, "Did that really hurt?"

              Radki Challenger, "Yeah"

              Reality Guy, "Are we done?"

              Radki challenger, "Yeah"

              Reality Guy, "Good!"

              lol this can't be for real is it?


                "3 years of Tae Kwon Do"

                GODAMMIT [email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#[email protected]#$


                  This guy deserves a medal (if it's real).


                    It's okay Mav. I'm sure it wasn't the REAL TKD.

                    Hell, he's so delusional, he could've stood outside a TKD school for 3 minutes, and he'd say he has 3 years of training.

                    A guy this deranged has probably moved on to some other fantasy. Wonder what it will be this time.


                      Wow, that was intensely funny. Seems too good to be true.
                      They are in tennesse though............ :)


                        *applauds vigorously*


                          Sadly, it didn't seem staged. I think its real.



                            (i have way too much free time)
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                              KNEE-OWNED. The non-kikid looked like a non-fat wing chunner, too. . .

                              edit: Also, the guy doing the debunking needs to be made aware of this website if he isn't already . . .
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