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"Where he Exhibited a Dragon Puppet and Lip-synced Words..." ?????

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  • FighterJones
    That is fucking SAD.

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  • Antagony
    I care.

    There are people who think that shit is cool. They need to die.

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  • Deadpan Scientist
    As long as people don't associate it with martial arts(it doesn't look like martial arts) or self defense value, who cares.

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  • Traditional Tom
    *slaps forehead*
    they aren't even trying anymore, to make it look like martial arts that is.
    I remember a tournament I went too, even before I found bullshido, I knew that musical kata was shitty, especially hearing they're pitiful kiaiis that went.

    but a BATGIRL costume?! what the ****!

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  • GAB corp.
    I hate to say this but I would like to have seen some pics of their kata... you know, out of curiousity

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  • Kayne

    McDojos: Corrupting martial arts since 1992!

    Seriously, some MAs are going down the shitter. Can't these people go and fuck up some other activity, like ballet or something?

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  • "Where he Exhibited a Dragon Puppet and Lip-synced Words..." ?????

    Is this real?
    Do these things actually happen?

    <i>Friday, November 26, 2004
    Barstow karate students do well at Corona tournament

    The American Karate Association of Champions of Barstow Park and Recreation District, instructed by sixth degree black belt, Linda Pugliese, assistant instructors, third degree black belt Pat Chavez, and Sempai Teri Wright, competed at the Pumpkin Patch Classic in Corona at Santiago High School.

    n the front row of the picture from left to right, Kaytlyn Young, 6, placed first in white belt sparring, the only female in her division battling with competitors twice her size. She also placed second in kata, and won a meritorious award for her outstanding performance in the showmanship division. Her musical performance was done to the music from "Batman" in her bat girl attire, black mask and ears, and a sequined bat cape, designed by her grandmother Kathy Case. Jack Gilbert, 12, green belt, received meritorious awards in his showmanship kata, "The Deadly Dragon" where he exhibited a dragon puppet and lip synced words from the intro of the popular video game "Halo", then performed his flashy bo staff kata to the music of "Down With the Sickness", which won him a meritorious award in kata. Kayla Baca, 8, yellow belt, placed third in yellow belt kata and placed second in Sparring. In the back row from left to right, Hannah Stolte, 18, white belt, champion winner, placed first in kata and first in Sparring; Ben Gresick, 17, Blue Belt, placed first in kata, and first in sparring. Hannah and Ben teamed up to compete in the showmanship division with a choreographed fight from the "Matrix" music. Sensei Pat Chavez placed second in masters division of black belt kata. Philip Baca, 12, yellow belt, placed third in kata and won a meritorious award in Sparring.

    Individually pictured is Tommy Hare Chavez, 9, white belt, placed first in sparring and won a meritorious award for kata. Not pictured include Dennis Snyder, yellow Belt, 30, placed fourth in kata. Nicole Coffman, 28, brown belt, placed second in sparring, first in Kata and third in weapons, competing with the oar for the first time.

    Classes are taught for all ages 4 and up. Call 255-3251 for more information on classes.</i>

    Musical kata is the barf.


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