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    Small claims court. At least the threat of it.


      I'd trust Anthony on this one...


        You do not owe them anything. That particular practice, while common, is in violation of several laws. No one can rquire that you cancel an automatic sharge to avoid it. You have to consent specifically to the charge. You did not. Pornographers get away with this because no one wants to admit that they buy internet porn.

        Same goes for music club automatic shipments. If you don't specifically ask for don't have to pay for it. Period.

        Refer them to the fair collections act of 1995 and tell them to fuck off. They will cave. Trust me.


          1. Charge Backs cost them about $25 a shot whether they win or lose.
          2. If they get enough charge backs, they will lose their merchant account & be unable to charge CCs.
          3. You will undoubtedly win the charge back if they have no written or recorded proof of you requesting those automatic charges.
          4. Ask the customer service reps to give your money back politely, but sternly; they just work there, they probably disagree with the boss' business practices, and given the nature of their job, they will be really glad to speak with someone that ISN'T pissed as hell.
          5. Tell them they have ONE week to do it (most companies issue refunds once a week) and if you don't see that money back, that is it.

          Also, NEVER, EVER order from a company that claims they cannot accept credit cards, for any reason. It probably means they lost their merchant account for shady business practices, or couldn't even get one because of said reason.

          Oh yeah, and don't bother mentioning court or lawyers, and especially not the police, they will laugh at you. :P
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