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More Americans are now Obese than Overweight

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    More Americans are now Obese than Overweight

    Congratulations, America: obesity is the new normal.

    Two-thirds of U.S. women and three-quarters of U.S. men are overweight or obese, according to a study released by JAMA Internal Medicine. The study discovered that the number of obese Americans outnumbers the number of Americans who are simply overweight.

    African-American men and women were most likely to be 'extremely' obese, with 57% of African-American women now falling into the category.

    As an issue of public health, obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes --formerly known as "Adult Onset Diiabetes" until significantly greater number of children began being diagnosed with it.

    Sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition decisions largely contribute to the problem. But another factor is also the culture of tolerating those poor choices, from so-called "Fat Acceptance" advocates, who campaign to spread the concept of "Healthy At Every Size"; an idea not supported whatsoever by medical science.

    They need to eat more meat and less refined carbs...

    But wait, too poor to afford meat, no doubt...

    We need less acreage for grain and more for pigs !


      Sad part is it's not that difficult to keep your weight under control. To many get caught up in buying and trying all the different super duper programs.

      Reduce your grain and dairy products, stay away from fast food and get up an move everyday.....walk, do yard work, lite exercise.

      This won't turn you into a super athlete or give you 6 pac abs, but it will get your weight under control.




          Processed food is one of the worst human inventions from a health perspective, but it just tastes so fucking good.

          There isn't really any secret to losing weight, take in fewer calories than you burn period. When did getting exercise become such a lost art??


            I'ma just leave this here:



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