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Pacquiao faces 32 lawsuits in alleged 'fraud of the century' fight against Mayweather

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    Pacquiao faces 32 lawsuits in alleged 'fraud of the century' fight against Mayweather

    Pacquiao faces 32 lawsuits in alleged 'fraud of the century' fight against Mayweather

    Mayweather-Pacquiao fight a 'cash grab,' lawsuit alleges

    Boxing fans across the country and their lawyers are calling the hyped-up fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. a fraud and want their money back, and then some.

    At least 32 class action lawsuits allege Pacquiao should have disclosed a shoulder injury to boxing fans before the fight, which Mayweather won in a unanimous decision after 12 lacklustre rounds that most fans thought didn't live up to the hype.

    Fight of the century? More like fraud of the century, the lawsuits contend.

    "The fight was not great, not entertaining, not electrifying. It was boring, slow and lacklustre," according to a lawsuit filed in Texas alleging racketeering, a claim usually reserved for organized crime.

    A lawsuit filed on behalf of Flights Beer Bar near Los Angeles International Airport in California said Pacquiao and his promoter's actions were, "nothing but a cash-grab." The bar paid $2,600 US to broadcast the fight.

    As for that grabbed cash, the fighters are each expected to earn more than $100 million, Mayweather more than Pacquiao, and HBO and Showtime broke records raking in more than $400 million from 4.4 million paying to watch the pay-per-view broadcast.

    Those 4.4 million paid up to $100 each to watch the fight, and the lawsuits are seeking their money back.

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    Think it will hold up in court?




      This suit cannot be upheld, the precedent would destroy professional sports. If poor performance in a realm where you face an equally skilled opponent actively trying to undermine you is grounds for a public lawsuit athletes and sports teams everywhere would suddenly face an insurmountable financial loss.

      But on the other side of it, some people will say that not disclosing his injury when money rode on the fight was akin to fraud. Here is an article on a somewhat similar situation, Apple's non-disclosure of Steve Job's ill health when he helmed the company and investors' anger over it:

      I personally would say that gambling and investing are fundamentally different in that, while there are risks involved, one is admitted to be a game, and one that does not offer you odds on which you could make a living. You should therefore not be able to complain when you lose.


        Didn't he ask for a shot before the fight and was denied? Sure sounds like he admitted it before the fight to somebody, on the record, and was denied, but allowed to fight, right?

        Stupid lawsuits are stupid.


          This is nothing more than a bunch of people who are butthurt over having paid through the nose for a fight that didn't live up to the hype.

          Nobody forced these twatwaffles to pay $100 to see a boxing match. What if one of them had been knocked out in the first round? What if one of them had gotten disqualified? What if one of them threw in the towel? Would these crybabies be complaining if any of those events happened and want their money back?

          Suck it up, you entitled whiners. Nobody promised you anything.


            Not to mention, the fight wasn't really that bad. It wasn't electrifying, but it was solid, and there was some damn good technique on display in there. I was actually pleasantly surprised by how it turned out, considering (1)both men are past their prime and (2)southpaw vs orthodox fights tend to have a slower pace than same-stance fights. Mix in Mayweather's world class defensive skills (and tendency to use them), and this is hardly a fight anyone with any boxing knowledge could've expected to be full of fireworks.


              It sets not only a bad precedent for boxing, but a stupid self-righteous one.

              The undertone here is "give us a KO, or we want our money back. We paid for a KO". Funny I don't remember that ever being part of the ticketing or PPV agreements, and having watched a gazillion fights on HBO and Showtime where it came to points...nobody sued! Hard to believe.

              So you have people forking money over for what they WANT, not having a clue about what they're actually buying.

              It makes me sick quite frankly. Our pugilistic ancestors are rolling in their graves, dying to punch a few lawyers and PPV consumers in the mouth.


                Overhyped fights, you say? This spells trouble for Daniel Cormier. Good thing this didn't come about a few years ago. Poor Dan Hardy would be wasting away in the clink.


                  Originally posted by Devil View Post
                  Overhyped fights, you say? This spells trouble for Daniel Cormier.



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