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Slideyfoot's 24 hr. GrappleThon for Rape Crisis - May 2013

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    Slideyfoot's 24 hr. GrappleThon for Rape Crisis - May 2013

    In an extremely positive reaction to the recent shameful events in the BJJ community, Slideyfoot, our resident jiu-jitsu ambassador in England, is hosting a 24 hour charity event called GrappleThon to raise money for the charity organization Rape Crisis.

    He and others will grapple for a full day to help raise donations for this worthy cause. The event will be streamed live on the internet while it happens.

    I believe that it is vitally important to support events like this in order to send a clear message that the grappling community not only condemns the horrible crime of rape that Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz have been indicted for, but that we make it extremely clear that we fully endorse both rape prevention and rape education.

    Everyone in the grappling world needs to work together on this. In addition to raising awareness and becoming more educated about any type of sexual assault, we need to police our own ranks to ensure that this never happens again.

    Please see the link below to find out how you can help.

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    Cool, what's the donation money going towards?



      this is where its going(sort of hard to see on the poster)


        Good on you & your team Slidey! Sorry we can't make it up to Bristol mate, but we'll be watching the live feed with great interest.

        Good luck!!!


          Onya Slidey.
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            Felt the same way after having read this story... sickening.

            I have two daughters that train, as a community we can't allow this kind of shit to happen.

            Good luck!
            Tap often!


              Great Idea.


                Thanks! It's been really cool to see the support from the BJJ community: we passed £6,000 today, which is hopefully going to keep on climbing during and after the event. :)

                I'll be updating that JustGiving link with the url for the live stream, but at the moment I'm directing people to Twitter (mainly because last year, the stream went down: if I give out my Twitter instead, that won't be affected, as I can keep updating the relevant link).

                At the moment, the stream is being tested here, which is probably going to stay the relevant link. I'm going to do some final testing before I teach my class tonight.



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