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    Originally posted by Whathappened View Post
    We get folks like that alot in Singapore. I usually ask them how much they paid for the fine for damage to public property. To which they usually reply, "It just shook alot". LOL.
    That was my first thought too. "You mean absolutely nothing?"


      MAD forum - sweet Jeezus titty fucking Christ!....

      They remind me of legs on a YT classic ring disasters compilation - insofar they rarely should be allowed an even break.

      I would go there and troll, but it would be just way too easy.... like shooting fist in a barrel, when the barrel is filled with liquid oxgen, the fish are dead anyway and you have a 50 cal MG with incendiary rounds at your disposal.



        Been a while since I posted here. What a better way to come back than by bumping a thread that died two months ago? A jackass, I certainly am.

        Just to prove that, despite what my posts may indicate, I am not actually retarded, I'll offer rebuttals to this asshole's "Unwritten Rules of MMA":

        1.) You can’t do this on the SOOPER DEADLY STREETZ either, unless you want your porky, dorky ass to get raped in jail for the next 20 years.

        2.) Because finding a local hitman is as easy as finding a self proclaimed martial arts expert.

        3.) You can. The reason no one actually does it is because there’s a 0% chance of that working.

        4.) See rebuttal to rule #1.

        5.) And who the fuck do you plan on bribing in a street fight?

        6.) Because normal people just walk around with ninja stars in their socks. At least I do.

        7.) Wait, you mean all I have to do on the SOOPER DEADLY STREETZ is call time out? I guess that means I can take the ninja stars out of my socks now. Those things fucking hurt.

        8.) The first question the drunk who grabbed my girlfriend’s ass at a frat party last week asked me when I confronted him was “How much do you weigh?”. Me being the street savvy badass that I am, I knew enough to say “150 lbs, sir” instead of 185.

        9.) First of all, aren’t there supposed to be no rules in a street fight? So what rules can your opponent be changing if there are none? Let’s ignore this and assume “rules of engagement” means “change the way your opponent is attacking you”. Which happens all the time in MMA. And boxing. And every other fucking fight in the God damn universe.
        Forget my grandma, I need to figure out what my mom looks like after reading this.


          How Do Armbar The Martial Development Blog

          Just out of curiosity, but since everyones different I expect to have varying results.. How much weight have you lost and/or gained while doing yoga?


            But if comparing your strip-mall karate to Lyoto Machida's were a character in a shounen anime, this blog post is a Super Saiyin 3 Fusion with the Kyuubi while going Bankai after eating the Baka-Baka fruit:
            Don't forget to include the Shin Mibu eyes in there, as well.

            7.) Wait, you mean all I have to do on the SOOPER DEADLY STREETZ is call time out? I guess that means I can take the ninja stars out of my socks now. Those things fucking hurt.
            See? That's why the rules were written.


              This is just sad. This guy didn't even remember to look up Aldo on Wikipedia. Anybody who looks there will see that our "crane kick masta" is a well-versed MT fighter. The guy didn't even know that there was no "crane kick" in karate. This makes me wonder if he has anything to do with the MA in the first place.



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