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    The Pen IS Mightier: Tale of a Misguided Feminist - How Do Armbar

    Aloha hippies, hipettes, and hip-sters. Phrost here, and although this is Hedgehogey's column, I figure I'd pop in and actually write in it this year. Don't fret, our favorite ninja-choking, cosplay gong sau-ing, anarchist is still around and being a force for good in the world despite what the Koch brothers would have you believe.

    In fact, Mr. Hogey is to blame for me becoming aware of this example of Martial Arts Stupidity In Grammatical Format Which Is The Point Of This Column If You Haven't Already Grasped That.

    There I was, this morning, checking on the progress of of my nefarious schemes to make Earth a better place by wrecking the lives of stupid people and assholes, and also checking my Facebook. When lo and be-dumb I find a link on Hedge's wall to a post about an upcoming seminar series targeted at teaching women how to defend themselves against sexual assault using legal weapons in a state where it's amazing that even fighting back hasn't been outlawed. (See JB, I told you I'd plug it).

    Anyone who's been on the Internet for more than five minutes has run into vocal idealists of all varieties. That's a good thing, for the most part. And personally, I'd rather spend my free time with people who have strong views about anything, even if I disagree with those views, than mush-minded assholes who don't even have strong opinions on what kind of fucking pizza you should order.

    Which is why Capitalist Phrost sincerely enjoys the digital company of Anarchist Hedgehogey and would likely jump in on his side in a brawl between him and Tea Party assholes, if I ever attended those sorts of human clusterfucks (I don't).

    But when it comes to having ideals, it helps to actually know what the hell you're supposed to do with them. If your ideals involve fighting against shallow consumerism and the exploitation of workers in the third world, you probably shouldn't blog about your views on a shiny new Macbook hand-made by virtual slave labor. Or if you think homosexuality is ruining America, you probably shouldn't have hot man-sex with a male prostitute/massage therapist.

    Anyway, meet Sam Mit. Sam seems to have graciously declined to attend a self defense seminar that wasn't even targeted at him in the first place. But declining wasn't good enough for Sam. No no, ladies and rapists, Sam has SOMETHING TO SAY.

    Well, since that's what this column is about, let's just let Sam say it for everyone to hear. In fact, in honor of Sam's eloquent musings, Bullshido wants to announce that in his name, we're starting our own action network:

    Internet Martial Arts Community United Now Together.

    Sam's a member of IMACUNT. Won't you join?

    Here the current discussion link:


      He looks a bit rapey.

      Maybe something else is behind this.

      More seriously(ish): When I was much much younger 17/18ish and doing way too much LSD and reading I would come out with crap not too dissimilar. It was something of a reaction to the 'jock' macho mentality. It was the wrong reaction of course and as well intentioned as it may have been it was based in unconscious fear. Women were on pedestals and men in the gutter.
      Didn't get laid much.

      The worst thing about his 'penmanship' is its pseudo intellectuality and really really shoddy 'logic'.


        Double post..


          This has to be satire doesn't it? That can't possibly be a real person expressing their real views, can it?


            Originally posted by Kintanon View Post
            This has to be satire doesn't it? That can't possibly be a real person expressing their real views, can it?
            I didn't see any instance of the word "anarchist" in his writing. But the cocksure pseudointellectual style, the constant calling out of men and patriarchy, and the smug assumptions of "I have the solution to the problem and you're just making it worse," all remind me of asinine anarchist writing. Disagree with the slightest idea about how "patriarchy" is the root cause of all problems and you're called (this is an insult in their circles) a "manarchist." I don't know that Sam would self-describe as an anarchist, but that was the impression I got from reading his increasingly long-winded replies.

            So no, this does not have to be satire. This isn't even the most extreme version I've seen of whatever you want to call his philosophy.


              Nice backpeddle Sam.

              I like this part,

              "Attack away, but all the pens in the world cannot stab the problem away, while writing, an extension of thinking and directly connected to consideration, is the only thing which has resulted in anything remotely related to the ends which you desire to achieve."

              Cool, cool. You let us know when you start thinking Sam.

              Here's another gem,

              "It is the only thing capable of preventing rape . . .". This is in reference to his idea that we could stop our horrible manselves from raping all those women if we could only, ". . . figure out how to be receptive, to take criticism and to not be so reactive."

              Well, golly, I guess all those women who fought back and prevented themselves from being raped by using guns, knives, their hands and yes Sam, pens too, were merely imagining that they did so.

              Yes Sam, meeting force with force has never stopped a rape. Ever.

              This guy's argument style is his own worst enemy. It doesn't matter how many big words or extraneous clauses you use to make your point if you can't state it in a logically sound manner.

              I'm not even going to bother with the context of his content. His self entitled attitude that leads him to believe that he knows what's best for women is unbelievably obnoxious.
              Shut the hell up and train.


                Originally posted by Kintanon View Post
                This has to be satire doesn't it? That can't possibly be a real person expressing their real views, can it?
                Poe's law aside, I'm 99% sure this guy is for real. He even backpedaled a bit when other, actual feminists, pointed out how stupid his bullshit was.



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