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Brock Lesnar - Douchebag of the Month - July 2009

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    He shouldn't have apologized and then come out in costume next fight. The UFC needs a clown!


      Originally posted by Dagon Akujin View Post
      YouTube - Brock Lesnar Apologizes During Press Conference

      Chesty is looking a little better now that the event is over. It seems that even he realizes that he's a douche sometimes. Then again, most people who watched the fight won't see the follow up appologies and explanations. But, he may be able to do his mae culpa with fight fans and gain a little respect back.
      I think it was pretty cool of the guy to come out and apologize like that. Both he and Frank did talk a bunch of shit, only one of them backed it up at all. Wonder if Frank's ready to come out and admit he wasn't even in Brock's league.


        I say let the invisible hand guide it, as long as it isn't so bad that the sport will change completely or get banned. Let the fans handle it.


          Originally posted by TheLordHumungus View Post
          Wonder if Frank's ready to come out and admit he wasn't even in Brock's league.
          Is anyone?


            Originally posted by UKMuayThaiMan View Post
            No. It proves a VERY VERY big arsehole can lay on you and hit you hard enough to hurt you.

            That has little to do with being a great martial artist.

            Bullshit. He was laying on one of the best submission guys and beating the shit out of him. You say that as if that takes no skill.


              Originally posted by David Koresh Jr. View Post
              Exactly my issue with Dick Chest. Everyone and their fucking grandmother was watching last night and he and Hendo (yes even though I enjoyed seeing it, it was bad for the sport) made the sport unappealing to people. Cock reinforced the idea that the sport is just full of steroid infused asshats, and Hendo made it look like a ruthless death match (Guys like Bill O'Reily are gonna have a field day with this).

              If Hendo wouldn't have smashed the deserving douche Bisping, and if Brock vs. Mir was replaced with Anderson v. Forrest it would have been an excellent event. I normally wouldn't mind Hendo bashing someone like that but this was the event everyone was watching.
              Maybe you would prefer to watch golf or baseball. Hendo did his job and anyone saying otherwise is a dipshit.


                Originally posted by Fearless Ukemi View Post
                Maybe you would prefer to watch golf or baseball. Hendo did his job and anyone saying otherwise is a dipshit.
                No I don't fault Hendo the only slight I have is that it looks bad to people who are looking at it for the first time. Baseball sucks and so does golf. I enjoyed Bisping getting what was owed to him, but I can put away that bias and realize that might have been a tad excessive.


                  It's just sad that so many new fans are going to judge the sport based on this incident. A well earned DB of the Month, IMHO.


                    I personally don't approve of Lesnar's antics, but then again, I've never been a fan, so not much really changes.

                    Having said that, I can't help but feel that some members of the Martial Arts community, who perhaps took up martial arts due to being bullied in school, see Brock as their worst nightmare - the schoolyard bully who they can't defeat by virtue of their training because he is bigger, stronger, and now has comparable skills. I can see how that would be demoralizing.


                      I have to disagree here. "Frank Mir had a horseshoe up his ass" is far to silly a comment to be taken as a serious insult. Lesnar was just playing to the crowd, after all his WWE fans are what makes him such a unique draw. In the language of the average american "I'm gonna get on top of my wife tonight" translates to "I fought this fight for my family rather than so I could go to the club and get laid." I applaud Lesnar styling himself as MMA's heal. Everyone loses in MMA, but heals keep their fans even in defeat where faces are quickly forgotten. As for that jab at budlight, it was just plain hilarious. I look forward to Lesnars next fight and more of his trademark oratory. You guys are taking this far to seriously and missing out on the of fun.


                        sigh. what a night to have the cable tv break on me. i'd actually paid to watch this fight, only for the broadcast to die two hours before the ppv. Now I have to lookup shitty internet video sites for it, oh and i positively cannot wait for the gloating from this Lezn0r/Kimbo fan i know. I completely agree with and support this month's choice.


                          I lost money last night and had to get a phone call from my brother gloating...Fuck you Lesnar


                            Brock is a Bully

                            Don't forget to add that Brock is a bully. Why isn't there a super-heavy or unlimited weight class? The weight differences between Brock and his opponents are huge. This type of disparity doesn't happen in other weight classes. Wanna know why? Because it's not interesting, not competitive, and not surprising to see someone with an approximate 20% muscle-weight-advantage defeat his opponent.

                            Gone are the days of Royce fighting dudes that are clueless about ground techniques. Today most UFC fighters are well rounded. There aren't many veteran fighters with big holes in their game. When knowledge between competing fighters begins to even out, you can pretty much be assured that a bigger guy has an advantage. However, a much bigger guy will have a huge advantage.

                            Brock is only going to get better as he has shown with each performance. And soon, Brock will be able to beat a guy like Fedor, if not already. However, again, this type of fight would be a hot pile of bullshido because of the weight difference. You wont see a 155 lb. BJ Penn against a 205 lb Rampage because its bullshit. I'd much rather pay $50 to watch Randy and Fedor go at it than to watch Brock the Bully fight Fedor.

                            I sure hope a freak class is made where monsters like the Bob Sapps and Giant Silvas of the world can fight against Brock. Granted those fighters aren't known for their talent, but they WILL bring their own lunch boxes to the table.

                            I hope someone punches that fucker, Lesnar, right in the mouth and immediately proceeds to lay on top of his wife... Goodness knows I wouldn't do it. She's one ugly bitch.

                            PS. Fuck Brock Lesnar


                              Hmmmm... Weight classes matter a lot, but its not going to displace ability, skill, athleticism and experience. We've all seen K1.

                              I sparred a guy that outweighed me by 40 lbs. thats a good 20-30%. I weigh 180lbs.
                              He was alright, he's in the same skill league as me. Going at it pretty hard. I'm a bit better though. And you know what, I think I'd have KO'd him.

                              No doubt his size helps him, but brock lesnar doesn't suck THAT much.
                              I don't think he'll ever beat fedor. I don't think he fights nearly as smart as fedor.


                                You make a solid point. However, know that Brock's mma skills are improving exponentially.

                                He only threw clean punches last night and was turning his hands over compared to his ugly, amateurish hammer fists of fights past. Anyway this is taking us away from the topic.

                                Brock is a douche and it is noted that douchebaggery will always be recognized at bullshido. I will continue to hate Brock even if he takes my seed in his half-albino face.



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