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Bullshido Community Rules and Standards of Conduct

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    Bullshido Community Rules and Standards of Conduct terms of service.

    Look, we've never been the type of community operating under strict, authoritarian rules; things work better when individuals hold themselves and each other responsible for their actions. This approach might come as a shock to a lot of people, and definitely runs contrary to just about every "civilized" society on the planet at the moment.

    But frankly you get more accomplished when you let everyone have an equal opportunity to stand on a soapbox because:

    1. Those with the least worthy opinions always yell the loudest to get as much attention as possible.
    2. They're generally too busy making noise to notice their audience slowly nudging said soapbox toward the cliff outside of town while they ramble on with their nonsense.

    The best part of such a policy when it comes to online communities is that before the better members inevitably run the rif-raff "out of town", they've already left a permanent record of their idiocy for the world, which fully justifies such a response.

    So do you get it now? Here's the "Golden Rule" of Bullshido:
    Rule #1: Don't be an Asshole.

    "Wha???", you may ask. "I thought you guys prided yourselves on being assholes?"

    Then buddy, you were wrong.

    Take a moment and watch this video. Actually, don't watch it because the video footage is hilariously unrelated to the point. But LISTEN to it. Contains NSFW audio (NAUGHTY LANGUAGE).

    YouTube - Melancholy Team America Dick Speech

    If after this, you're still confused, you should probably just go away because you're going to have a hard time around here. Yep, that's right, we'd rather have 10,000 thick-skinned, intellectually-tough, rational members who "get it" than 1,000,000 dumbasses who either shit all over the forums, or piss and moan every time someone points out the flaws in their argument/thinking/training/skills/lineage/credibility/existence.

    Failing that, here are some examples of things which violate "Rule #1":

    Sockpuppetry: You only need one account for any honest purpose. Registering more than one is a sure sign that you're an asshole, especially if you're doing so to avoid a temporary or permanent ban for other violations of Rule #1.

    Posting Porn, Viruses, Spam, etc: This is pretty simple and obvious, but should be mentioned because some people might get the impression that in our "less moderated" forums (YMAS, LLL, Trollshido) it's ok. It's not. However, if for some reason the content you need to link to is relevant to the discussion, you're free to include a link (not an embed), as long as you clearly preface it with "NSFW" or "Not Work Safe".

    Shitposting: If you cannot post at least a decently formed concept supported by a modest paragraph or so of text, then your post does not deserve its own thread in just about all of the forums here except Trollshido. Posting a link, quoting a whole article, and moving on does not qualify as content. We want to know what you think about it; we really, really do. And if we don't then you'll be made aware of that fact by the rest of the members soon enough.

    Ismism: the concept of "Hate Speech" being asinine, there are various words that are simply conversation stoppers, in that certain people have given them so much power that their use will effectively kill any discussion or at the very least, derail it completely. Don't use these words. If you do not know what these words are, please make a list of any possible word you might be unsure of, and then go read said list loudly in the front of a supermarket in an ethnically and culturally diverse neighborhood. Every word that doesn't cause you to get your ass kicked is probably ok, but several attempts should be made just to ensure this is the case.

    Posting Inappropriate Content in the Wrong Forum: Some forums have a bit more rigid standards of conduct, and for good reason. If everyone on the planet could behave in the same way, we'd have no need of front doors. But we can't, so it's beneficial for some groups to decide who they want to keep company with and for whom they want to pretend they're not home while peeking through the curtains. Don't be the asshole that constantly rings the doorbell, in this case, posting unwanted content in a forum where it's not welcome. Read the stickies, read the threads, and figure it out for yourself what's appropriate.


    We're pretty relaxed about a lot of things but the staff will always retain the right to cull the herd should one or more of you get Mad Cow Disease. We do our best to make sure it's as "fair" as anything can be (not done on a whim or in anger). But we're human and we'll fuck up. So instead of reverse digesting your panties, if you feel something like that has happened, let us know and we'll either work it out, explain it, or blow you off because you're nutso. In any case, we'll do something, and this should be of comfort to you.

    So to borrow from Parker and Stone again, around it's ok to be a dick; heck, it's practically your job in that we're here to screw the assholes in the world of Martial Arts. Just try not to fall into the other two categories.
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    Thats funny, that same speech occurred to me too....


      Very nice.


        Rule #1 should be displayed in every courthouse, schoolroom, church, and government building in the country.

        Words to live by.


          Rule one seems like a good rule to me.


            That's funny.


              ... I don't see any changes ...


                gud rulz lol i likee kthnxbye


                  Rule #1 will be enforced whenever it's convenient, other wise this is just Phrost and mods tugging their e-peen.

                  And you can go get fucked sideways if you think "I'm being an asshole".


                    Minor correction:

                    "Click me and die a painful death."

                    Other that that, it's all good.


                      It appears the rules have changed....

                      Rule #725 don't talk about fight club.

                      (come on, someone had to do it...)


                        I approve of these new rules.





                          ....goes to sit in corner......


                            Don't be an asshole/pussie got it. What if you're both. A veritable ass-pussie-hole or pussie-asshole? -(the latter being the worse of the two in my book) Has anyone relayed this message to TKDmagik?

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                              Originally posted by Squerlli View Post
                              Rule #1 will be enforced whenever it's convenient, other wise this is just Phrost and mods tugging their e-peen.

                              And you can go get fucked sideways if you think "I'm being an asshole".
                              Actually, this response makes you a total dick.



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