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Huffington Post doing a segment on Children's "MMA"

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    Huffington Post doing a segment on Children's "MMA"

    Currently there is a big discussion going on about Children's MMA. Unfortunately many parents are believing what they are hearing and reading in the news papers and television/internet Media. Many events are not actual MMA matches but actual Pankration tournament matches and All Star shows.

    Although similar Pankration is a much different sport. I will be attempting to converse while this show goes live in a few minutes.

    *The show went reasonably well. Cherry Dewindt was able to say a few thing with the view point of a coach. Cherry youngest student is only 2 1/2 and she describes how they simply work on his coordination and balance. Not actual combat.

    Megan Hook, a Parent of one of three children who compete in Pankration went into great detail of the benefits and comparison of the sport and how it effects her children. She mad a great comparison to the Soccer practices they are also involved in and compare injuries.

    Dr. Paul Stricker gave some of the best commentary as he discussed that the sport was still relatively young. As the host Ricky tried to direct the question on how the contact is so dangerous Dr. Sticker pointed out that there is a danger similar in all sports even the ones with little contact.

    Another piece done by Fox News:



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