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Badass of the Month - April 2009 - Dana White

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    Badass of the Month - April 2009 - Dana White

    The Internet is all abuzz over Dana White dropping some F-bombs on a helpless little Sherdog contributor. We here at Bullshido have our own spin on the subject, which I recently posted in a thread in our MMA Forum.

    The gist of it is that Dana White's rant is OK by some of us. In the interests of appeasing our advertisers, however, we're going to fill up another paragraph or two talking about it so that our own F-bomb laden commentary isn't showing up on the front page of our website.

    Regardless, I'd like to personally congratulate Dana White for having the testicular fortitude to express himself directly and without reservation.

    Here's the post:

    You know what, BRAVO Dana. I'm so fucking sick of people using the mealy-mouthed "you're mean" attack on people who speak their mind and call out bullshit bluntly and directly. It's something my 9 year old does when you tell her something she doesn't want to hear; it's shameful for adults to try and use the tactic.

    MMA is a sport for grown-ups, involving grown-ups, and is targeted at a grown-up audience. If "fuck you" offends you, then

    1. Watch another sport. Might I suggest the Ultimate Hugging Championship?
    2. Fuck you.

    Sherdog's built their audience on half-witted individuals providing "analysis" (emphasis on the anal) of a sport in which few of them actually participate. If Dana White wants to call bullshit where he sees it, he's under no obligation to pull punches or play nice.

    If more people would call it like they see it, the world would be a much better place. Sure, some simpering, milquetoast, mouthbreathers would have their poor widdle feewings hurt. How much more efficient would things be run if we implemented a Fuck You policy? Here's an example:
    From the office of the President of the United States

    Dear AIG CEO:

    Fuck you. Get your goddamn shit together or I'm going to play basketball with your fucking nutsack. You've got two weeks to unfuck this situation or there will be hell to pay.

    Fuck you again,

    Barack Obama
    See how efficient that would be? No wasted words, no inferred meanings, no dicking around. So what if feelings get hurt, your feelings shouldn't matter past age 12 anyway. Besides, a few hurt feelings would be a fair trade for a society in which fewer people hid behind false niceties to snipe from the safety of what's "polite" with their crappy input. Stupidity, in any form, deserves no respite, no shelter, and no sanctuary. That's the core of how we do things around here, and everyone on this website either agrees with it, or spends a lot of unproductive time pulling their panties out of their crack.

    Good for him.

    Dana White is our Badass of the Month.

    Any chance of a link to the original story?


      It was pulled down from his blog. Anyone who gets the text of it feel free to email it to me and I'll add it to the article.


        I fucking love that mother fucker Dana fucking White.

        But in honesty. He calls it like he sees it and says what he means. I wish we had a elected official like this.


          no shit think how much better our armed forces would look with Joe Silva picking who we went to war with




              Originally posted by JohnnyCache View Post
              no shit think how much better our armed forces would look with Joe Silva picking who we went to war with
              Although it'd be a lot more entertaining if the guys at Dream Stage Entertainment (Pride) did it.

              The United States has declared war on Bhutan!

              *90 minutes later*

              The United States is celebrating victory in the war on Bhutan!


                Whether you like him or not Dana shoots from the hip and doesn't give a shit. After meeting the guy and listening to him talk he is passionate about the UFC without a doubt. Was it offensive? You are god dam right it was and that was the intent. Tell you the truth if I had that much money a lot more people would know exactly how I felt about them too. Right now some people only have a vague idea and only a few know the exactly.

                DSE war match ups I almost pissed myself laughing good one.


                  Now I just want to be clear, I like the way dana expresses himself. He and I share the same compulsive need to let everyone know how we feel about them. That's why he said what he said and that's why I called a bitch a stupid whore on her birthday.

                  What I don't approve of is that throughout his expletive laden assault of awesome, he never pointed out what exactly was wrong with the article, or bothered to refute her points. Not allowing a manager backstage is kind of a big deal, especially when you are only targeting a select few with the biggest influence. Dana is essentially a mafia don in the mma world that answers only to the ferrtita brothers. This may sound cool, and probably is worthy of his own badass of the month column, but I worry in the end he will just keep making decisions like this that are bad for the fighter until no one will want to fight in the UFC anymore.


                    Are you saying Obama would play basketball just because he's black?


                      Why do people think that telling someone exactly what you think of them in coarse and aggressive language is a badge of honesty, sincerity and manliness, when in fact it's quite the opposite, revealing only petulance, personal aggrandizement and a complete lack of self-control that would be shocking in an infant?

                      Dana White should put on a diaper and get pushed around in a stroller.

                      (ps - in before "fuck you!")


                        Because the opposing course of action is hiding what you think about someone because you're afraid of the repercussions. And doing so makes you a pussy.


                          You've got to give the guy credit for standing up in front of thousands of people and standing up for what he believes in, despite every one hating him for it. I personally think he is a dick head. But then again, I think my brother is a dick head and I still love him.


                            This is the internet. There is never a happy middle ground!!!

                            But you know what. If it wasn't for Dana I probably would be a doughy lameass too bored at the thought of another session on the ellipse to get off my ass and hit the gym. So for that alone, he's badass in my book.


                              Originally posted by Phrost View Post
                              Because the opposing course of action is hiding what you think about someone because you're afraid of the repercussions. And doing so makes you a pussy.
                              Why does that have to be the alternative? What would be wrong with stating one's position in a forceful, yet restrained and civilized manner?

                              And it's not just that I'm some anachronistic fogey who believes in Victorian values. It would benefit his own image and that of the UFC if he wasn't so prone to chucking his toys out of the pram. Machiavelli has plenty to say about the political value of both equanimity and magnanimity when it comes to ameliorating your status and screwing your enemies.



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