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    I found this site while researching a particular martial arts system. The huge print begging me to post couldn't be ignored; but, you guys do make it damn near terrifying to post. :) Hold your laughter, but this morning, I joined a Taekwondo academy that's part of the International Taekwondo Alliance. Let you guys tell it, TKD is the Jim Carrey of martial arts and ITA is the second Ace Ventura movie. :)

    Unfortunately, as the number of martial arts schools in my area are ridiculously sparse (less than six in a five-county radius), this is the only school within a 30-mile radius that could accommodate my busy and erratic work schedule.

    The school I chose (or rather settled with) made the cut as not being a McDojo and not having a Bullshido, but it definitely appears to be a Belt Mill. I decided to YouTube some ITA videos of tournament sparring, and wow...

    Remember, back in school when you got into a fight and you'd go headfirst into your opponent with the "windmill"? It's like with these videos, all the participants go in feet first and nothing else. I was like "are these guys ever going to use their hands or defend?". There was actually one video where a girl won using just her right foot (kept it in the air as if using Mui Thai). It's like less sparring and more "who can get their foot in first" - go ahead, YouTube "ita tournament sparring". But, then again, I have very VERY little knowledge and experience in martial arts, so there may have been some sparring rules that I'm not aware of.

    As I'm in my 30's and am just getting my feet wet, I'm only using this so I can live to be 70 and not depend on others to change my diaper or take 50 pills a day (ie, using it for fitness and shape). If my reasonings for taking this martial art offends the rest of the TKD world, my apologies. Like I said, my options were very limited and calling Tae Bo a martial art would have gotten me killed in some social circles. So it was "Use this or buy some DVDs and a couple of books" which would equate to Adrian Monk learning to swim using a tip card he kept in his wallet.

    I can't guarantee you any useful posts from me, but I'm definitely reading and getting a mindful. So, thanks for that.

    P.S. I'll have you guys know that I spent about 2 hours at work reading the 6-year-old hilarious post by bunyip about his misadventures in a McDojo.

    * Braces for impact...* Not in the face...

    Welcome to Bullshido, Riot.

    Dont worry, no one will get you in the face in newbietown. You're safe here. Just be careful when you wander out into the wild. Read the Stickies, think before you post and you'll be fine.
    Chaos? Panic?... Disorder??.........................​My work here is done.


      Welcome ! I'm a noob myself so feel at ease. :)

      For your TKD, things might not be so bad if there's enough sparring and if you can put it a minimum strength. Also, even if the sparring is not 100% to your taste, you can always gains some other benefits from practicing, like working your flexibility, coordination, reflexes/timing/distance and of course your cardio. Add some weight lifting aside in a gym/at home and you'll be able to work something out until you get the chance to access other styles (if it's possible). And if you like TKD after spending time in it, it's all good. Doing something you like is a first imo.

      Cya around !


        Hey, even the worst TKD is still better than the best Ninjutsu.
        The fool thinks himself immortal,
        If he hold back from battle;
        But old age will grant him no truce,
        Even if spears spare him.



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