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Why Judo ISN'T effective in the street

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    Why Judo ISN'T effective in the street

    I found this and I thought it would be nice to share. Not, sure if this is the right part of the forum though.

    Translating the greek text :

    This is the opinion (from a speech) of Mas Oyama, maybe the greatest karateka of all the time and the man that challenged everyone from all styles and was never defeated. Refearing here.

    and a video:
    (after the video)

    This is the opinion for the subject. I agree and boost it (greek expression) and i will analyse it in the next article.
    (Oyama's text begins)

    It seemed weird to me. Does shooting count in for judo? Also, some wrestlers are big but there are also the 60kilo (120ib) that are strong and fast.

    I will try to find the dudes 'next article'.
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      For people who don't want to read the whole thing, the excerpt:

      "”Before when foreigners met Japanese in their countries, they imagined Judo. However, if you practice Judo you develop a bad figure, you injure you face and scars and your walking becomes very slow. Judo-Ka cannot handle street-fights. I think you have seen Popeye cartoons before, haven’t you? In these stories, Brutus, who has a big body always loses against the little Popeye. In the USA I saw many people like Brutus. They were very powerful and strong, they could even break cola bottles between their arms. If you are caught by this kind of person, you will surely lose, but their movements are slow and in their fighting they always try to catch and hold. Maybe they can work in Pro-wrestling, but they are useless in street fighting."

      So basically all Judoka are big, strong, yet slow and unable to fight on the streets because of this.


        MA practitioner thinks their art > other arts news at 11.


          that makes absolutely no sense.. I would think the requisite of clothing in public places and the lower emphasis on double leg takedowns would mean judo players should do pretty well, at least as well as wrestlers.. maybe not on the level of _ing _un though
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            Ju-don't know what you're talking about..


              trying to grasp those concepts just caused me to go cross eyed............thanks guys!


                Ju-don't know if I have a gun for the Deadly St33t...


                  Let's take all the logical fallacies present in this argument and build a shelter for the homeless, so this guy's mother will have a place to stay. And his sister, too. I want his mother and his sister out of my place immediately!


                    Originally posted by MMAMickey View Post
                    that makes absolutely no sense.. I would think the requisite of clothing in public places and the lower emphasis on double leg takedowns would mean judo players should do pretty well, at least as well as wrestlers
                    Lol! No.
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                    KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

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                      All judo guys are slow... after you "take a slip," land on your head and can't see straight.


                        ...and yet Karate guys are always hiding secret grappling moves in their Kata bunkai.


                          My troll alarm just went off


                            Of course this is Oyama speaking.. you know

                            The guy who claims to have "fought" and killed bulls; but there is no proof.

                            The guy who did all that breaking stuff in his books, which was all proven to be staged and fake...

                            ..which we learn from his top student Jon Blumming.

                            Now we get a sales pitch about why Judo sucks?

                            One question, was the Japanese Police Department training with Oyama or the Kodokan?

                            Nuff Said.
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                              This is an old speech. Oyama was a great karateka but he was also a great hypeman.
                              Oyama was also a Judoka who learned from the great Kimura himself.

                              Ron there is proof of his "bull" fights but they were far from some massive Brahams as usually depicted in drawings. And I've seem the scars from his loses.
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                              You can't practice Judo just to win a Judo Match! You practice so that no matter what happens, you can win using Judo!
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