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    My Hello!+Question

    Hi! After watching Bullshido deconstruct supposed Judo instructor Matt Morton, I decided that this place was pretty cool. I'm a freshman at UC Berkeley who just started Judo at the beginning of the year, with a yellow belt and my orange testing in less than a week. I've been to three USJA-sanctioned shiais, and am seriously enjoying myself =P

    Question: Over the summer, I plan to train in BJJ and Judo in San Jose. I currently have a size 3 double weave Judogi from GTMA, and it fits me reasonably well, though the jacket is slightly big. I'm 5'6" and 135 lbs, so moderate-tall for my weight, I think. I'm thinking, I'll probably want a second gi eventually sometime, and probably one that's suitable primarily for Judo shiais. But since good judogis are somewhat close to BJJ cut anyway, I've been in the process of looking for the best gi to use in Judo competitions and BJJ training. Any suggestions?

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    I highly recommend checking out Shields' gym on Durant/Telegraph and Modern Combatives down University if you wanna do some training during the school year. ModCom has No-Gi judo as well, if you're planning on doing No-Gi BJJ at all.

    As for Shiai Gis, it really depends on how much money you're willing to drop on it. Personally, just a nice and stiff one with a good weave will do, and will last a long time if you only use it for competition.
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      Depends on your BJJ club, some insist that you buy a gi from them with patches of the school while others dont care for what gi you wear as long as it wont get torn.

      check with the school first and see what its like.

      either way, i heard great things from Fushida.


        @Conde Koma, you live in Fremont too? Huh, guess that makes two of us. Also, I'm planning to do Judo exclusively during the school year, as A) I want to be able to still pay tuition, B) I want to have the time to pass my classes, and C) our instructor is the most awesome human being (if he even qualifies as human) on the face of the planet. Also, how do I know how stiff the material will be on a gi?

        @honest_truth, the place I plan to go to doesn't care in the slightest in terms of.. well, basically anything. I could basically walk in with a dress to train, though I'd probably have to replace it pretty fast. As for companies, my friend is incredibly satisfied with his Fushida gi, and I'm going to see how well it stacks up against Mizuno's Shiai.



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