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Newb Alert! I need some help on finding a new Dojo!

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    Newb Alert! I need some help on finding a new Dojo!

    Hey everyone,

    I read the 'What to look for in a Dojo' post.

    But I'd like to know if there are any Calgarians that can suggest a new Dojo for me! I'm afraid I've been the victim of a McDojo and I'm certainly not going to let these people keep me from training!!

    I want a place that preferably has a gym as well as a Dojo, and fairly 'Transit-friendly'. I'm flexible as to what style I study, as long as the students aren't all macho-douchebags. I love watching a good UFC bout, but I'm not about to start wearing Tapout shirts and driving unnecessarily large trucks.

    I just want to train and fight.

    Any suggestions? Anyone?


    its pretty tough to find a place that has a weight lifting/exercising gym unless its a realy large expensive mma place (i may be wrong just my view) but your best bet would be something along the lines of a boxing or kickboxing gym.


      Only wanks and children wear tapout shirts. Find a boxing gym or a judo club. Or both - go nuts. Both are cheap and widely available, and should spar/compete regularly, so you'll learn how to apply your skillz.

      Stu xD


        Thanks guys!


          Greatings TheDweeb,

          Calgary has tons of places to train at...some of the best in the country. How you found a McDojo amidst all those choices I have no idea, unless it was craigslist, or you used your figure blindfolded in the yellow pages.

          Anyway, best of luck to you, call up some places and see if they have a free trial, or a walk on fee, and you will answer most of your questions.

          Best of luck.


            Well, the place I signed up at talked a big game. But I should have done more research.

            Most classes are taught by white belts that have been training for a month or two longer than I have...which in my opinion is unacceptable. The Sensei makes a lot of claims, but sidesteps any questions about specifics...I should have trusted my gut. But either way, my contract is up soon, so I'm gonna keep using their weight room and look for a new place to learn!



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