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Help! I think my family is in a ninja LARP cult!

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    Sure, if you don't feel your dad is going to do it, stop by. He shouldn't take offense about you asking what city he used to be a police officer in. If he does, it's DEFINATELY something to take note of.

    Any teacher, whether a school teacher/coach/etc. should NEVER be offended by a polite request for their qualifications. I could ask any of my professors (I'm still in college, but volunteer at a middle school) where they got their PhDs from, and they all would gladly tell me. Likewise, if a parent were to ask me about my qualifications, I would proudly tell them. Our qualifications are what we take pride in. If the guy claims to be a former police officer, he should NOT be offended by someone innocently asking what town.


      BJK(Bujinkan) guy in Loveland here, I don't have anything in the way of personal experience with the group or the instructor, but I'll give you my take based on my experiences in "the community"...

      At first glance.

      1. He(Weekley) seems to be connected with the Genbukan, but doesn't link to the GBK Hombu on his page, and only lists Tanemura Sensei in the acknowledgments. He makes a point of referring to it by the general term "Ninpo Taijutsu", rather than "Genbukan Ninpo Bugei". I get the impression that he trained with the GBK, and started his own thing from there. Funny how these people's "own thing" always seems to be pretty much what they did before. :rolleyes:

      Red Flag: He makes it a point to mention that "Andy" is Ret. Special Forces. Even if he were, the fact that he makes it a point to mention that little tidbit regarding someone not even professionally affiliated to the dojo usually runs part and parcel with what's known in some circles as "making shit up".(Like Law Enforcement Exp.)

      2. From everything I've read about the Genbukan, it's a very traditional(in the kobudo sense) take on the Takamatsuden(Genbukan, Jinenkan, Bujinkan), I can see no reason why randori would be left out completely, maybe early on but at least the Dan grades should be doing it, IMO. Maybe it's just a kid's class thing? Regardless, what you describe to me doesn't sound anything like the way GBK has been described to me in the past.

      3. Why so many teachers? The patches on their arm, at first glance looked like the GBK patch..

      Looks like it's this one though...

      4. Talking about feelings and making a show of not encouraging aggression, maybe is the kind of thing you might hear at a kid's class, but for an adults class, to me anyway, rides the cult line pretty close.

      The very fact that he works at setting himself apart from the GBK to the point to not even crediting the Ryu-ha that their sword curriculum is drawn from as if it's some elite creation of their own making, and the recurring acronym based theme that give it that "elite tactical flaiva", also send off warning bells for me.

      On the other hand they do have a shuttle to pick up kids from school and bring them to class, so maybe it's a vaguely GBK-based youth center?? Like a babysitter? You know, that kind of puts the "special forces theme" into perspective. "Teen boys love guns & shit! & SEALs, Hell yeah! Oh shit they ninjas too!! You kids'll have a blast at AfterSchool Ninja SEAL School, or A.S.N.S.S. You'll be way too busy BEING AWESOME to get in trouble with your no good miscreant friends. Totally tactical, Totally radical, A.S.N.S.S." I suddenly feel a little short-sold, all we had growing up was the Y.

      I've started a thread on MAP linking to here, hopefully some GBK members will be able to give you more info.

      FWIW I don't recommend that anyone without a year or two of experience in some form of martial arts to study Takamatsuden, let alone children. No disrespect.


        Oops, forgot the MAP link...

        Ninpiden Dojo in Parker, CO - Martial Arts Planet


          I've trained with Kyoshi Randy Weekly. I cannot speak of his Police credentials other than to say that I've been on his training ranch and have taken shooting courses with him and he knows enough to run circles around police officers that aren't on a tac team.
          As far as the Genbukan issue, he was a member and left with several others. He was at one point, one of the highest ranked Genbukan members in the USA.
          When you leave the organization, you're presence is no longer discussed and your ranked in banished. So, not surprising that it's hard to find info. I was at the Genbukan dojo in 2004 for two weeks, and Weekly sensei and his colorado students were there.


            Thread moved from MABS unless there's more formal intentions to investigate another Ninja school.


              Originally posted by wetdogmedic View Post
              ....The instructors never interact physically with the students and just emphasize the "theory of a technique". There is no sparring, no contact and they want everyone to "feel good". There is also style restriction; no training outside their system.

              Specifically, in their grappling class they place you in the end position (a submitting pose) and tell you what to do at that point. Granted, I've only watched, never interacted, never confronted the instructor.
              BUT....they forbid randori, their tournaments consist of sword, kata & self defense....etc etc
              So, your nephews are being trained to get their asses kicked. Hope the dues aren't too high...



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