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An article bashing bullshido

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    Originally posted by Phrost View Post
    You really think you fuckers warrant Kool-Aid?

    I'm buying the generic shit that's so cheap it doesn't even have flavors, just colors.

    And you're getting "Red", by the way.
    We never had kool aid in the hood.

    What we had was called "Grape Drink" or "Orange Drank".
    No damn high dollar FDA approved bullshite!


      Originally posted by Phrost View Post
      You really think you fuckers warrant Kool-Aid?

      I'm buying the generic shit that's so cheap it doesn't even have flavors, just colors.

      And you're getting "Red", by the way.
      What are you being like that for cheapskate capitilist cult master?I signed up for KOOL AID dammit if I want generic store brand I would of fucking well told you.:new_all_c


        Phrost, just be honest.

        Did you once fuck this Herrington dude in the ass and never call him back?

        Or maybe you shagged his mom, girlfriend, sister, boyfriend, father or favourite whore?

        Let me know. I want him to slag me off too, so as soon as you tell me who to fuck, be assured I'm there.

        Not that I'm drinking your economy quality kool aid of course...


          There doesn't seem to be an actual J. Herrington, but I'd be happy to fuck him, figuratively of course.


            I'm sure that he'd 'figuratively' love it. The metaphorical bender!

            But Phrost, seriously, let me know.


              Bottom line; you know you are over the target when you start getting flack....


                I believe the "Sky" person may be closely associated with Frank Dux, as a student, or business partner. It looks like Frankie is getting upset again.


                  The conspiracy theories in that piece sound like something Frank would say. The claims seize on the fact that Bullshido like thousands of other internet sites make useful revenue off of google ads, and the more people who visit the site and click the ads, the more money, we (and everyone else make.) So yes, we and everyone else running a site with ads do try to increase our web traffic. (Imagine that!)

                  What is not true is that we at, have decided to write about Frank's credibility problems to specifically drive such traffic. He seems to forget his previous problems with the LA Times, Soldier of Fortune Magazine, Mr. Burkett, and E-budo, just to name four of the entities or people who have previously found huge holes in his claimed life story. What drives our threads about Frank is a steady stream of Newbies who wander in and ask about Frankie's claims and then we have to point out that, "No Virginia, there is no Santa Claus, and no Kumite".

                  Within the last six months David Kili extended an offer from Frank to Bullshido to conduct an interview with the deal being that they would set the groundrules, and I would not do the interview. Darryl Simon accepted on our behalf, but Darryl and I agreed that there would be no groundrules, and after Kili demanded, and saw the detailed list of sample questions Dux would have to answer, Frank lost interest in being interviewed on tape by anyone from our site because he realized that we would not simply transcribe his comments in a worshipful manner, like the other martial arts journalists he had been used to dealing with.

                  As far as creating wild stories in house, that's balony. Our investigations are carefully researched. On our public threads however, anyone can post, and yes that draws a number of idiots, and morons. But at Bullshido if you simply make allegations without providing proof, you are likely to receive the treatment you desire for the person you post about. Our posters are well aware that anyone can post anything, and therefore tell people in less then polite terms to present some proof or STFU.

                  Sam Browning
                  Last edited by Sam Browning; 4/01/2010 6:11am, .


                    Wait we get paid for this? PHROST!!!!!!
                    Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!

                    RIP SOLDIER

                    Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
                    -Gene, GODHAND

                    You can't practice Judo just to win a Judo Match! You practice so that no matter what happens, you can win using Judo!
                    The key to fighting two men at once is to be much tougher than both of them.
                    -Daniel Tosh


                      Just sounds like Bullshido is hitting a bit too close to the mark. That usually does bring out the cry babies who are trying to rip off the public with fraudulent claims of greatness.


                        This guy sounds like a real left wing puke. How dare you make any money for yourself Phrost, you selfish capitalist pig. I've heard bullshit like this before but it usually starts off with "It takes a village".

                        The bottom line is that Bullshido or Bull sells.
                        Something we both can agree on and he just answered his own question as to why this site even exists.


                          im a bit butthurt i didnt get mentionned in the article.
                          no wait.
                          according to the doctor who just phoned me im butthurt cos of a STD.


                            I could have sworn it did mention you Lebell. Did you read the second page of the article? I've posted it below.

                            Armed with a handful of sheep the self proclaimed 'farm invader' Lebell sets out to promote his MMA, penor, or more commonly known as his 'tiny, green fellow', by bashing other martial arts and attempting to destroy as many competing teachers and phalluses as possible.

                            The sites and along with are known in the industry as a “Lebell Haven” which refers to the lurkers and monsters (posters) who hide in wait to attack the unsuspecting farm animals. “He caresses the underbelly of the internet” says Dan Campbell an anti sheep stalking specialist. "He's real baaaaaaddd." Its sites like this that give internet forums a black eye, and cause legislators headaches on how to deal with their form of attacks and gentle touches.

                            Doing a google search on many martial arts teachers and schools who do not teach MMA will most likely see at the top of the results a Bullshido link with the terms Fraud, Fake, and 'sexy time with my pets' in the caption. Many of Lebell's competitors have fallen victim to his tactics and charismatic seductions, so many that some are now questioning his claim of free love, even when the wild photographs posted on the website are clearly made in the barn.
                            Herrington is clearly familiar with the Dutch.


                              hang on, does herrington own a german shephard named cindy, by any chance?


                                Originally posted by Lebell View Post
                                hang on, does herrington own a german shephard named cindy, by any chance?
                                Actually, "Herrington" IS a german shepherd named Cindy.

                                Someone let her near the keyboard again and that article is the end result of letting animals write incoherent articles dealing with subjects of which they have no comprehension or working knowledge.

                                And she likes kibble.



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