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So, I gather that I'm supposed to post an introductory thread.

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    So, I gather that I'm supposed to post an introductory thread.

    Hi. I've lurked around on this site for a while, read a bunch of YMAS stuff, and a few of the humor sites.

    Oddly enough, I found this place through The Martialist, because The Martialist claimed to be based on Musashi's teachings, and I rather like Musashi's book.

    As for martial arts training; I had a couple of years of Shotokan karate, from 14-16, and I scrapped a fair amount in my teenage years from all sorts of psychological issues that I, being older and wiser, have worked through via the aid of professional counseling et al. I also practiced French-style fencing in high school, both foil and saber, and have practiced a bit of boxing and a bit of grappling.

    I really enjoy hand to hand combat; it's a euphoric experience. This includes losing to someone better than me. I rate my abilities personally as "decent, but not professional-grade;" no doubt at some point I will be further disabused of my personal prowess.

    The screen-name comes from a wonderful time in my life when I and a number of friends of various styles and backgrounds would get together and spar every week. I blocked a round-house kick from a man roughly the size of Godzilla with an open-palm block and managed to rupture the tendons in my right arm, resulting in me having to wear a cast for six weeks. Lesson learned: dodge next time.

    Hopefully this will suffice for now.

    Welcome to BS :)

    How long ago was the injury to your hand and has it healed up/doesn't cause problems any more?
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      "The Martialist":That'd be Phil Elmore's site.

      Certainly not the best place to do research for MA.

      Glad you found this place here, and stay away from anything with the name Elmore on it.

      Expect Larry Elmore's illustration for D&D, maybe.
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        Oh man, ruptured tendons SUCK (I know). Hope that won't keep you from training. Speaking of which, you seem to have well-rounded experience when it comes to striking, grappling, and weapons. Will you continue to cross train or stick to one MA?


          The hand injury was a few years back, but occasionally causes problems in cold weather. Doesn't stop me from punching, though.

          I know Phil is a little wacked-out, but I have a soft spot for his craziness because, well, if not for him I never would have found Bullshido. =P

          I'd like to continue to cross-train. The difficulty is balancing a good place to learn and train with money and work. There's two or three reputable or semi-reputable places in town-ish, but two are expensive and the third is a long drive(I drive an old ghettomobile beast of a car, so that's a pretty big concern given gas prices.)



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