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    which school would you choose

    okay because of the harsh winter we have been having in my city i havnt been able to drive the 40 mins. to go to my MMA gym. so as somewhat of a failsafe system: i inlisted in an Muay thai class at a taekwondo dojo. seemed like a great idea at the time. once the weather got bad id go there to stay in shape. till the winter months were over with.

    however, lately ive had some problems.
    1.) they dont spar for fear of injury because thai is much more physical.
    i have no problem being hit-im 18 it will heal. however they dont sparr at all. cept in there taekwondo class. you cant learn to fight without fighting, so theres no point in offering the class or anything other than cardio kickboxing if theres no sparring in it.
    2.) they charge $110 for a class they offer twice a week. and i can only make it there once a week due to my job.
    i could go on but i prefer not too.

    since im going to a grappling tourny in march ive decided to go to a BJJ school as well as do my MMA. instead of thai. but im having trouble deciding where. the choice is between two schools.

    1.) $65 per month or $10 per class. only would be able to go thursday and sunday cuz of the time . also there not the biggest place. they actually train in a akido school.

    2.) the other school ironically just opened bout 2 months ago directly across from the taekwondo school in the same strip. they are ruffly the same amount as the thai program $115 month. but there class schedule is more open since jiujutsu is there primary focus. the guy who runs it also regularly goes to vegas to train Pro fighters. heres the link.

    i currenlty am confused as to the best choice so i will let bullshido give me there imput as to which is better decision.

    Almost any school will let you try a class or two for free, so go to both and see which you like better.

    also there not the biggest place. they actually train in a akido school
    Don't take that as a comment on the quality of the training. It's really not that unusual. A lot of gyms don't have their own space, and it's cheaper to rent time from someone else than it is to set up your own place.

    As to the second place, 115 a month is right around average in my area for BJJ for unlimited classes. But like I said, and what I'm sure everyone else here will tell you, is to try both and see which you like best.


      Here is my 2 cents, some stuff to consider AFTER VISITING AND TRYING BOTH SCHOOLS.

      The instructor in evolution JJ is a purple belt, hence why the cheaper price and teaching out of an aikido school.

      Ricardo Pires is a blackbelt who probably owns the club he teaches from, hence the price difference.

      Also, since price is an issue here i assume, having blackbelt instruction nearly everyday sounds awesome, however will you be able to take advantage of that ?

      I went to a MT club that offered training 5 days a week, with open training on the weekends, for 4 hours a day, sounds awesome and i couldnt be happier during the summer.

      Then college happened and a part time job, i could come only 2 days a week when i had it easy, or once every 2 weeks when projects and exams were killing me. Suddenly my training got expensive, not per $ terms, but per value from the $ spent.

      Since you will be a beginner, a purple belt and a black belt will probably teach you the same basics and you cant take advantage of training under a blackbelt if you still have problems not sucking at closed guard.

      So dont brush off evolution jits, maybe try it as the cheaper club to see if you like BJJ, and if you decide to stick to it and already know the fundamentals, perhaps getting a blue belt, then switch over to Ricardos club ?



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