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Striking schools in Perth, Western Australia

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    Striking schools in Perth, Western Australia

    Hey guys. Been out of training for a little bit, wanting to get right back in!
    Was preferring something in the way of muay thai, kyokushin karate etc.. basically I want to be worked hard, and I want some contact (please!).

    Also, training would have to be 3 times a week MINIMUM, preferably 4-5 times a week, and not start any earlier than 5:30pm.

    Anybody have some ideas?

    Yeah, yellow pages or google. Also, to find out the schedule of a school, you'd have to actually go to the school and talk with the instructor.


      Yeah, been hunting around... but you know how it is, half the gyms don't advertise in the yellow pages etc etc and of course if I can get a short list of worthwhile gyms/schools it could save me a lot of time driving around looking at rubbish :P



        First result when searching "Kyokushin Karate Perth Australia" on google.

        If you want actual help and advise on choosing a school then you're going to have to repeat the process for the styles you're interested in. Once you find the school(s) that'll fit your budget and location then visit the school. Report back with how the school conducts itself, pay plans, instructors' comments, and so on. We can go from there.

        In order to find a school that is worth your while you're going to have to actually search and go to the schools. Once you've got first hand experience then the members of this forum can be of help.

        EDIT: Also, check the school reviews on this forum to see if there is an already reviewed school on the site. A good review should give a description of the training process, fees, school size, and whether or not there is any alive training.
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          Type in "Muay Thai WA Perth" in google

          Here is a list of places that people I have known have trained at.

          Fight Club WA (where I train)

          The Academy

          Fitness and Fight

          Phons gym

          Riddlers gym

          Kalamunda Kickboxing

          The two Kyokushin gyms in perth that I know only train twice a week but they are on different days so if you wanted to you could train 4 times a week with them.

          There are lots lots more in Perth just need to search.



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