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    newbie intro 4 me

    I found this site because i received a Reflex bag for Christmas and searched in Google for a workout for that device. It included this site as a top result.

    I appreciate the "attitude" on the site and decided to join in the forum/fun.

    I still have not found info on how to use the reflex bag in a way that is safe, fun, and will help me get in better shape (in that order). I will keep searching but if anyone has a link that will get me to the right spot I would appreciate it.

    My martial arts background:

    I have studied a number of arts to include Tae Kwon do (I know, I know). Hap ki do, and something that probably was related to ninjitsu (in a friends basement and not affiliated with anything).

    I also have some training from the military (US Army Light Infantry) that was in some ways more useful and, at the same time, weaker than the others.

    I am not a proponent for any specific school and am currently more interested in a system that makes getting in shape fun. Cardio kickboxing ( a lot more cardio than kickboxing) is more like what I am looking for than any "MMA / Ultimate Fight" style.

    Hello and welcome to Hell.

    Here is something like cardio kickboxing..

    YouTube- Tae Bo Cardio Billy Blanks 2/5

    And here is something I found with the reflex bag..

    YouTube- A good home workout with the reflex bag

    Good luck.




        Of course it all depends on what's around you, but my advice would be not to automatically count out boxing or kickboxing/MT training for your fitness goals. I'd encourage you to have a look at anything in your area that might fit the bill -give them a call or drop by and watch a class- as I've found that as long as you're there to work most schools won't mind if fighting's not your goal...and they're going to get you into great shape.

        If you post where you're at, there may be some folks on here that can give you a few leads.

        It's been a long time since I've seen me some Tae Bo...I should be good for another 15 years.

        Welcome to Bullshido.


          well, this is a unique forum from the style to the content, and i like it~hope you like it too



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