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    Originally posted by SoylentNinja View Post
    Also even if you managed to convince him to the lift the mats for you, you wouldn't want it. Your anti-grapple will not work and you could seriously get hurt.

    p.s. lifting the mats is a big no-no for a lot gyms, insurance, liabilty, you know real world stuff...
    Seconded. I don't see how removing mats does anything but benefit the one who is not on the ass end of a takedown. Having a hard floor only provides the grappler a hard surface to slam or toss the other guy, while providing no benefit to the striker (biter). Then again, logic left this thread a while ago.


      Originally posted by It is Fake View Post
      Let's put something out there okay?

      Kung fu doesn't teach biting, douchebags teach biting as an end all be all kungfu technqiue. The biting I learned in kung fu was the same as kempo, TKD, Chun, and even from a friend that wrestled.

      it is a cheat/bitch/emergency move for shock. We have a prime example of a BJJer using a bite to counter an alleged Kung fu Mantis eye poke. It was fucking hilarious.

      Anyone here long enough saw how badly the eye poke failed.
      Quoted for truth.


        Originally posted by kungfu-alex View Post
        This just proves my point that many people have never fought with NO rules at all. Unless you have all variables of fighting then you may as well not fight at all. Just like me fighting a bjj guy and saying : well no takedowns
        I'm sorry but that doesn't prove anything about people's training. You suggested having some way to simulate biting, however, people have pointed out that its very difficult thing to decide on. It just proves that its very difficult to settle on an action intended to simulate eye gouging or biting. How do you simulate eye gouging and biting in sparring at your school? Do you just eye gouge the shit out of each other? They must have a LOT of insurance.

        Saying that without all the variables of fighting then you may as well not fight at all sounds like an excuse to me. Especially since you use the example of no biting = no takedowns.
        Takedowns take skill, biting is something that anyone can do. Taking away takedowns is more akin to taking away punches or kicks, unless your martial art consists of training only bites and eye gouges.


          I say you guys should allow biting, but wear a gi. It's of similar thickness and toughness to the clothing people wear in cold weather, so it's not unrealistic.
          And wash the hell out of your mouths with some antisceptic Listerine first, because human beings have nasty germs in there mouths.


            I'll do biting included as long as I can tape my wrist but not wear gloves. Those of you who smile at this have already been enlightened.


              I'll do biting included as long as I can tape my wrist but not wear gloves. Those of you who smile at this have already been enlightened.
              Take this rule Please please please please please.


                In order to make this work, how about a compromise. How about being able to hold one's hand over another person's eye for five seconds counts as an eye gouge. Just cupping it or whatever. no fingers.

                Someone else did it here ages ago, the kung fu guy still couldn't do it.


                  I say they should strap razors to their ankles and fight naked. Then kung-fu Alex will truly know what teh deadly feels like when he gets his toes cut off and his genitals mangled.


                    I'll do biting included as long as I can tape my wrist but not wear gloves. Those of you who smile at this have already been enlightened.
                    I'm not enlightened! what does it do?

                    Holy moment, you getting a little excited there bud lol


                      Two possible outcomes.

                      #1 Kung Fu man realises that he's going to be humiliated and no shows.

                      #2 Kung Fu man has rejected reality and thinks he is going to win. He turns up - Mark leg kicks the shit out of him, takes him down, mounts him, decides what new cool submission he wants to try out - and then subsequently peruvian neck-ties the shit out of capain kung fu. He taps, apologises. Mark feels sorry for him - shakes his hand, and posts said video on bullshido for all our amusement.

                      99% chance of the former happening.


                        #3 the kung fu guy taps to an eargrind and spends the rest of his years claiming that he didn't really tap, and besides it wasn't a r34l fight anyhow, and his chi was misaligned...


                          Wow, it's the same argument posted all over again.

                          Let him bite, it's only going to hurt him in the end. If he wants to leave himself open for an attack because he's trying to bite you, his choice.

                          Lifting the mat is just silly. If he feels the mat is only going to hinder his chances then he's just an idiot.

                          However, if you guys just want to skip the bitching and arguing over the rule sets, why not direct Kung Fu Alex to the Sirc vs. DTT thread? All the same arguments were made. Then again, direct him to any link where a gong sau was made where one of the competitors never sparred. There's certainly enough of that.


                            The thing about biting is, you better be DAMN sure that doing it will win you the fight, because if it doesn't things just went from a fight to a homicide. Biting someone is just a really great way to convince someone to smash your head in after they beat you.


                              An opponent biting does save a trip to the curb.


                                I still don't know why a Kung-Fu striker is so hung up about biting and gouging, you have to grapple to pull those off, it's not a great idea to use that kind of shit if you can't deliver it effectively.

                                But I hope that doesn't stop kungfulalex from showing.



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