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Instant Gong Sau that lived up to the hype

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    Originally posted by Rivington View Post
    That was a good troll. Would have been better only if Lebell had been lured in and then KFA totally killed him in the follow-up gong sau!
    ...and the local police,believing it to be real, intervened and arrested KFA...:wbossman
    "People think that judo is only unarmed combat - but you are never unarmed when you can hit someone with a planet. "
    - Uncyclopedia entry on Judo



        I told you all a real chun'er would never show .

        Good game .


          Can't embed this video, but it helps convey what has happened in this thread.


            Well played.
            I'm keeping my twenty dollars, though.
            The fool thinks himself immortal,
            If he hold back from battle;
            But old age will grant him no truce,
            Even if spears spare him.


              So, Kung Fu Alex isn't into erotic asphyxiation?

              Damn it! I thought I had finally found my soul mate. At least tell me your into watersports Alex.




                  Well fuck. We are the lolcows.



                    Fucking beautiful. Bravo.

                    Mastercraft chain-yank is craft and master.


                      My god, I just spent the past two hours reading this thread, and it was so worth it. It was like watching an M Night Shyamalan movie, only the twist was better. Bravo.


                        Thank you for helping kill nearly an hour and a half of a third shift job with hysterical laughing fits.


                          Good job...

                          Was the match a complete work?
                          There are no wrong threats, only wrong answers. (Strategy game truism)


                            Originally posted by kungfu-alex View Post
                            Mike's gym zit in Amsterdam noord, nu momenteel afgebrand door de city-box brand van laatst, maar als het goed is krijgen we volgende maand een nieuwe sportschool :) Het is voornamelijk een kickboxschool, maar er zitten ook uitstekende grapplers en mma'ers tussen. Bekendste vechters zijn Badr hari en manhoef (k1). Waar zit rickson gjj? Is dat met hardonk?
                            ja, hardonk heeft z'n school in purmerend geloof ik?
                            ik volg het niet zo erg, er zitten iig scholen in purmerend,rotterdam,oss, leiden en nog eentje maar die ben ik vergeten.
                            onder leiding van harold harder die niet al te lang geleden z'n zwarteband van rickson kreeg.


                              Ladies and gentlemen, meet kung fu alex.

                              That's me on the left.

                              Gary has actually had 3 MMA fights and has a record of 2-1. I cornered him for his second fight in Dublin which he won with a TKO due to a body elbow... so he's pretty badass :D I met him a couple of years back when he was home to visit relatives in Belfast and looking for somewhere to roll and we've been friends ever since.

                              We decided to hatch this plan when we were both home on christmas eve with nothing to do and in need of entertainment :)

                              I think the reason this worked so well is that gary and I have been reading nonsense like this from people who actually believe it for years. He just really went for it in his performance.

                              We would not turn down a master troll tag :)

                              IIF - I think the best troll would probably be the cracky/sirc gong sau a year or two back? What would you put at number 2?

                              MightyMclaw - Fair play to you for being willing to go through with your money offer, I didnt reply to your PM because it wouldnt have been right to take cash off you and it wasn't the right moment to reveal the truth ;)

                              Richie - the match was a complete work. I was toying with the idea of revealing the troll by posting a compilation of the first few takes but Gary had escalated his trolling to the point where it became apparent what would be funniest.

                              You've been a wonderful audience guys, thanks for the laughs :)


                                Standing fucking ovation.



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