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Hello Bullshido! (Lurker, intro and questions about mma/bjj)

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    Hello Bullshido! (Lurker, intro and questions about mma/bjj)

    Sup guys. Been lurking around this forum for some months. Great site, tons of info, and the mega-threads are amazing.

    When I was young and didn't know any better, I had my parents sign me up for a TKD club. They were good people, a TKD Olympic team coach owned it, but it basically was a McDojo. I stopped going around the time I went to high school, and had a red belt (belt below black), but really knew nothing but forms, and how to defend myself from any balsa wood attacks.

    I joined the high school wrestling team, and was JV for 2 years, varsity for 1. Never was that great, but held my own and usually won half the time, I was light for my weight class (198 or 215), and would get stomped by 6% bf monsters.

    The TKD was useless, and I've blocked it out of my memory (I think I can only count to 5 now...), but the wrestling taught me a ton, and gave me actual self defense experience.

    So I've been out of HS for over 9 years now, was much fatter (lost 40 lbs last year to get back to [email protected] lbs.), and am trying to get in better shape still.
    I've been into MMA since early Vale Tudo and UFC's, and have always been interested in learning and training in a functional MA like boxing, kick-boxing, muay thai, BJJ, etc.

    Question #1:
    Here's the catch, I don't want to be a fighter, and am not looking to break my nose or get Cauli-ears. So I'm not sure if training at an "MMA gym" is right for me, do people go there to learn and train without fighting or competing?

    I am interested in checking out BJJ, as I feel it would be reminiscient of my wrestling days (ie: being called gay, thinking every pimple is ringworm, etc), and bjj looks like a very practical and meaningful MA. There is a club nearby that I'd like to try out, they seem very legit (De La Riva lineage).

    Question #2:
    Should I be cautious about getting into BJJ? I am fine with HS wrestling training, so I am aware of the risks of mat bugs and such, I'll have to make sure this bjj club is safe and clean. I am worried about injuring my back (have pulled muscles and have chiro adjustements), and I have a bad wrist that cannot bend (70% mobility). Beside those problems, I worry about getting hurt during a submission.

    That's where I'm at. I plan on checking out this bjj gym in a few weeks to a month. Until then, I'd like to start trying to get in better shape so that when I do go, I can get through warmups and drills (I have no illusions of making it through live rolling without coughing up a lung). Try to gain some flexibility as well. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good forum, hello, and thanks.

    1. Plenty of people train MMA for recreational rather than competitive purposes. Go to any legitimate MMA gym, and most likely the majority of students are not competitors.

    2. Go check out the BJJ place near you to answer this question. Where I train, we have 50+ year old women and men. None of them are looking to compete, or even train at an elite level. They just want to have fun and learn.

    Another example, Bullshido member Nazsir was over a hundred pounds overweight when he started training BJJ. He lost the weight in less than a year, and is now a blue belt.

    BJJ can be low impact provided your training partners know what they're doing and aren't complete mat spazzes. This is why new people are typically paired with experienced students who can help ensure no one gets injured those first few weeks.

    Good luck and welcome to Bullshido.
    Shut the hell up and train.


      I have bad everything

      If you are worried about your back get to class about 1/2 an hour early and do whatever extra stretching and warm up you need to do.

      I have my own set of exercises I need to do and the teachers are aware of it, If I don't get there early I go off to the side and do them until I am ready.

      It makes a huge difference



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