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Who got MA equipment for X-mas?

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    Originally posted by hungryjoe View Post
    Anthracite I've been told.



      Originally posted by Barabbas View Post
      I got choked out, by a real man.
      So easy to fix.


        Originally posted by Vorpal View Post
        So easy to fix.
        I must admit, that statement is more adequate to actual situation.


          i got a padded training sword.....i dont do any sword arts (kali though)....least they tried


            I got some headgear I can use next time I start up boxing, or when I drop in to a kickboxing/karate sparring session.

            Originally I was looking at a blue gi for competition or a Judo Masterclass book, but both were a bit on the expensive side.
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              I got Best Judo, Passing the Guard, and Jiu-jitsu University.

              I am delighted.


                I got a 100 pound UFC bag.


                  Let's see; I got some new bed sheets, chocolate, an assortment of body sprays with shampoo (axe), a usb flash drive that holds 4gb, and $120 for whatever I choose to waste on, and a $50 gas card.

                  I also finally got my brother's car this past week, so I will be on the road soon after I get some insurance.

                  If you haven't guessed, the car is why I got so little this year, but it's worth it. That means I can finally haul my ass to some judo again.
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                  Originally posted by Nicko1
                  Martial Talk is not neutral, it's just neutered.


                    I got the X-Guard book and "Encyclopedia of Lego Locks" by Rigan Machado.
                    I'm very happy about that since it's the way my game has been trending so there's a lot of good stuff in both I can start working in.


                      I also found some vinyl siding that Santa must have been bringing to my neighbors . And some shingles that match my roof perfectly !
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                        I will be getting a new black Gi and I will be buying a new Valhalla rash guard for myself and my wife.

                        I am looking to find a double weave part hemp part cotton Gi. Very hard to find. Especially considering I want black. Anyone know were to find one, let me know please.


                          I got the complete Sakura Taisen anime series :icon_cat:

                          so no, no martial art stuff this year :tinfoil:


                            Originally posted by Christmas Spirit View Post
                            I also found some vinyl siding that Santa must have been bringing to my neighbors . And some shingles that match my roof perfectly !
                            Dude you got grinched this year!
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                              Originally posted by jkdbuck76 View Post
                              Dude you got grinched this year!
                              here is the real santa claus!!!

                              YouTube- Santa Christ

                              thank God for Doug Walker! :5bouncy:


                                My GF gave me "the Sabaki Method" for my birthday closely followed by xmas with a par of 10 ounce gloves, hand wraps, 4 thai shorts which don't suck and some shin pads. I think I'm in love.

                                (She brought them back from Thailand with her, nice and cheap).
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