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    Originally posted by heat miser View Post
    Short, Black Hair, Pale



      Originally posted by battlefields View Post
      Gotcha Hesperus, as I said, not a mathematician, can you show me where I went wrong because my non mathematician brain is still saying my calculations are correct? However, whatever the case is we are talking minute differences, my point still stands, the guy is comparable in fatness and he's calling me fat. Shouldn't happen, I know it does, but it shouldn't. It reminds me of the guy at school who was wider than me but who would join in the chorus in the hope all the insults would remain directed away from him.
      Listen you porky motherfucker, don't give us this 'I'm not a mathematician' bullshit. What you're doing is dividing someone's height by their weight, you don't have to be Bertrand Russell to do that. Also, leaving aside how rubbish the measurement is, clearly the higher the score the less fat. The number is proportional to height and inversely proportional to weight. Just think about it.

      Sorry for the vitriol but it really pisses me off when people try to palm off incompetence in basic maths as reasonable, as if understanding division and proportion were college level topics. When people say "I'm rubbish at maths" referring to stuff kids learn in middle school then they should be treated like someone who says "I never really mastered that whole reading and writing thing in school, it was way too hard for me".

      Anway you're both chubsters, deal with it.


        Ya see, I am. And I don't need the great "motivation" that this short, fat fucker is looking for. :-)

        I'm sorry, my metric math is way off as I was estimating.

        I weight 109kg (240lbs), so Battlefield, you truly are the fattest fucker of the two of us. I only have 10kgs to drop to get to my goal. You have to lose a whole person.
        I feel like you eye-bawlin' me, dawg!


          Battlefields, do you know when you run and how awesome it feels to have your man boobs jump up and down like some Lovecraftian version of Baywattch?

          You want to keep that feeling you get deep insde your stomach when you realize your flesh moves, don't you?
          Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil. - Machiavelli



            Or else...

            (totally not shooped...)


              Fatties can call other fatties fat. They've earned the right, man... Fatty

              ( you see, I'm fat, and I called you fat )

              If you want to stop wanting to eat, just watch the damned "I'm a 800 pound teen" shows on TLC and Discovery. Damn, I now have an aversion to donuts and video games.



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