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truth on Qufu kung fu school

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    truth on Qufu kung fu school

    commucapitalism strikes again!

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      Originally posted by Dougalround
      hi all,I traveled to Qufu kung fu school and got back for a while, here is what I have to say about.

      I spent vast sums of moneyThey mainly teach shaolin,less taichi and xingyi per day, beyond that there is next to nothing about other kung fu styles they offer,which it fails to mention on the website they have,and training was really at a low
      HOPE this will help people who are looking for a good school in China to go to.
      The guy who runs this school used to teach out of Yantai Shaolin Martial Arts Academy? - No BS MMA and Martial Arts He ran the school with some other business savvy Shaolin monk. Same thing happened, they promised a bunch of things on the website and delivered Shaolin Wu-Shu I attended the school in the summer of 06 because I was living in northern China at the time trying to get a business going. What they do is prey on people that are insecure about being in a new country and just gouge the fuck out them. I felt sorry for these kids because they had no idea how much shit really costs and they didn't speak a word of Chinese.

      They finally kicked me and my buddy out because we were letting the new students know how much the cost of living really was in China and that they didn't need to rely so much on the school.

      I'll share one gem of an incident that went on. One night, I woke up late on the weekend to screaming and loud bangs coming from downstairs in the school. So I briskly rushed down stairs to see what was happening and lo and behold, the headmaster Shaolin monk is drunk and fighting (flailing) rather with his younger brother. Sadly, it was not drunken style kung fu = ( I wish. His little brother is throwing shit around in the front lobby and office. "I don't have time for this shit" I said to myself, so I go back up stairs. I came down the following morning and the Shaolin Monks had destroyed windows, the front office computer and a TV I think. The whole office was destroyed though. Good times.


        I have personally been to the school in Qufu and can say without reservation that the masters, the teaching and the atmosphere of the school are excellent. The school is a Shaolin Kung Fu school- hence the name Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School(!) but there is also an excellent bagua and tai chi teacher; the masters know many different forms and different styles. I think it is right the basic training is in shaolin. The school has been setting up for the last few years and is growing because of it's second-to-none reputation amongst previous students (e.g. see all the student experiences on their website). The school is a gem and seems to me like it's always doing it's best for the students and that the student-master training is at the center of everything it does. To be reflective and always improve, schools need the help of students to communicate with them if they have an issue with e.g a specific aspect of the website - it can be worked out. But those are small things and it's sad if ever used to distort the image of what is without question a fundamentally honorable and honest school like the one in Qufu.
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          Wow! A person with single digit post count just happens to be here to defend their school! What were the odds! We are just lucky I guess :P


            Is this the thread where the guy ends up calling everyone immature and ragequitting? Cause if it is I'll stick around.
            Originally posted by Devil
            I think Battlefields and I had a spirited discussion once about who was the biggest narcissist. We both wanted the title but at the end of the day I had to concede defeat. Can't win 'em all.
            Originally posted by BackFistMonkey
            I <3 Battlefields...


              *buys ticket and camps out*

              This had better be worth it!

              (no, not THAT type of Camp!)



                Do people do google searches on themselves every day to see if anyone has been talking about them seems like you wouldn't have a lot of free time to train in martial arts


                  The origin of modern guns were essentially hand held canons. Yet no one tries to find the ancient art of canon making and then claim it is better than a modern assault rifle. Why does this logic utterly escape people when they think about martial arts?


                    Originally posted by WhiteShark View Post
                    The origin of modern guns were essentially hand held canons. Yet no one tries to find the ancient art of canon making and then claim it is better than a modern assault rifle. Why does this logic utterly escape people when they think about martial arts?
                    Are you suggesting that you can teach me to shoot bullets from my hands?


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                        Damn it was done before I could predict it, the old it is a guy from another school stealing students ploy. I think this one is going to get interesting ffor about a minute.


                          Hi all that follow this thread.

                          Qufu is actually a good school.

                          In terms of Chinese Kung fu Schools? Its western friendly and has good masters. My first hand experience of dealing with the management of the school has always been good. I'm sorry to hear that Dougalround had a bad experience. However, I'd like to know if before heading to the school he contacted the school? To both ask about the environment and or the masters that teach at the school. As you know. Not every website is updated regularly and masters can have holidays or have other commitments. These questions and his complaints could easily have been solved by contacting the school. If however, he did contact the school and was mislead this is a different story. In that case please drop me a line with your full name when you arrived and the full details of your complaints and I'll look into the issue. These schools depend on their reputations. Not all schools in China care. However, the schools I work with do.

                          Basically, if you want to go to China please use some common sense. Its a long way to go and will cost money so make sure you're making the right choices to avoid disappointment. Often my job is managing the expectations of the people who attend these schools.

                          You can have two people who go to the same school and both potentially have very different opinions and experience of the school. This can be due to their master (instructor) their fellow students, things that happen or something else.

                          As far as Dougalrounds complaint goes. I can only tell you that this complaint was one that was sent to the schools facebook page and was cut to shreds by the other students who attended or have attended the school. In fact there was actually some doubt as to whether the complaint was actually genuine.

                          In honesty, this is not important or an issue to be labored over.

                          The complaint/review whether genuine or not highlights a number of important issues. These are responsibility and improved communication.

                          What I'd advise you to do if you plan to go to a kung fu school in China, is get as much info as possible on that school. Information that's independent!

                          Communication with the school or those who know the school can help and can be very important.

                          What I often do in China with StudyMartialArts.Org is visit schools and speak to their management and check their conditions. So, if you want an opinion on schools I've visited I can give it to you. In addition if I've not visited a school, (which is highly likely, China is a monster of a county) I can give you help and advice on what I've heard if anything as well as the practicalities of living in China.

                          I'm not saying my martial arts skills are top notch cos they're not. As far as Martial Arts go I won't stop learning and am a persist ma legebi. I'm not a gru or a master. I'm a teacher and a student. I'm in China cos I can study martial arts. I can work and have a great life and do what I love and practice in a park with out some sewer rat saying "Hey Minster! Hey minster what you doin? You think you're karate kid or wat?"

                          What I am saying is that with the experience I have I'm happy to help others get the most out of studying martial arts in China.

                          What I tend to do when people contact me is manage their expectations. For people visiting schools I give them as much information as I can so that they can make the best choice for themselves. I listen to their background and what they want so I can better advise and give them the right information or options so they can work toward achieving their goals.

                          However, the old adage of bringing a horse to water and making the cunt drink can often apply.

                          During my time helping people study in China I've actually spoken to students who've been asked by other potential students whether they can learn how to levitate during the month they plan to attend the school (urban myth or not). Everyone should know it takes at least two months to learn the skill of levitation.

                          Now apart from those who expect to be able to levitate some undisciplined winy bastards expect the schools discipline and the masters (instructors) to be either whipping them constantly (perverts), be their spirit guides or alternatively rid them of their problems. Problems that range from alcohol to drugs, to people wanting to get fit (loose weight) run away from their past or are just socially inept assholes who've watched too many kung fu movies. Whatever their reason be it these or others. As far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter. Whatever their reasons they are making a positive step. Studying Martial Arts in China or anywhere else is a worth while and positive thing that can enrich your life and create greater awareness.

                          The important thing is that the student(S) begin to take responsibility for themselves. Begin to take REAL Responsibility for their lives, their actions and achieving what they want. Whether it's at a kung fu school, in their work or in their relationships with the world and others.

                          With great power comes great responsibility....Web slingers, just be more responsible for YOUR choices and what YOU GET out of your experience in life and in school. China is a fantastic place full of possibilities and adventure. Possibilities and Adventure that you might not get at home. Make the most of it.
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                            Qufu is a very bad school. I spent an extended time there. If you go there seeking knowledge on Buddhism and Chinese culture, a pleasant atmosphere of learning, and most importantly self-defense abilities utilizing the martial arts you learn, YOU WILL NOT GET IT, despite what their website says. The masters there are physically strong no doubt, but they have mental problems. They get angry very quickly, get angry at the wrong times, and have poor personal communication skills. It is difficult even to discuss your own training plan, which they act like is secret even though it does not vary much even for the long term students. It is very obvious to me they have mental problems. They are not upfront about what they teach. For example, if you ask them the all-important question of 'when will we learn to use the moves that we learn in the many forms we study in real life fight simulation or sparring,' the head master is liable to growl, literally growl at you. In fact growling is the preferred method of getting a point across with those people. These so called monks drink alcohol and go out. If you want that quality stay at home. Before I went I was warned that if a Shaolin master gets angry frequently he is not a true master.

                            Their training plan is mainly Sanda which is kickboxing, and it's not good training at that, mostly hitting pads. It has little to do with real life fighting and elegant kung fu, not to mention it is unnatural and not worth traveling to China for! In fact I feel in many ways aspects of my ability of self-defense, both verbal and physical, and my spirituality have declined due to the training and the harsh dealings of the teachers, and the lack of a school-like learning environment. Some forms learned were competitive wushu instead of authentic, but perhaps that's how the monks are taught at the temple.

                            You can judge a school by the students. The old students, of which there are not many staying over a year, and the new students perform the same exact power training exercises. There is no learning of secret skills even for the old students, nor individualized training. if you want to devote a year or more of your time to becoming strong, you ought to have something real to show for it. Kickboxing sparring is the main method of sparring training, and does not utilize ANY kung fu skills (in fact gloves are worn). In fact I got a jealous growl when I showed my teacher a skill I had (he made some excuses in his mind that he could not do it himself). The students, instead of becoming peaceful with time are not afraid to openly show animosity or talk behind each others' backs, something antithetical to genuine kung fu training. There is a bad atmosphere of weakness and appeasement on the part of the leadership. Sometimes they treat questioning and enthusiastic student as enemies, praise the bullies (which is a term some teachers can be classified as), and get caught up in the students' personal conflicts and emotions. I was amazed at this insolence and blame it on the lay-monks' bad habits. The new teachers that periodically come from the temple seem amazed at the lack of discipline and spirituality in the place too.

                            There even exists a bad habit of talking with each other or with a translator in Chinese about a student and staring at the students while they are warming up or training. Someone ought to tell them being straightforward is best. If you ask them plainly, 'what are you looking at' or 'what did you say about me' they will become uptight and indignant. They ought to be training students instead of judging.

                            However, doing fitness exercises for sometime will make you better at doing fitness exercises. If you can work to do 50 pull ups, 100 push-ups on the fist, 500 sit-ups, 100 squats and run everyday a few kilometers, without breaking them individually into sets, for 3 or 4 days per week, you will be far stronger than the older students who have stayed many months and years. The maximum amount of pushups they ask you to do is 50, usually 30. There are people in the world that can do much more than that. The older students are not treated fairly in that they do the same exercise and the same training as the new students, only forms differ. Also, even the older students don't train hard enough to hold MA BU for a measly 5 minutes (let alone longer) without rising up. Even a high ma bu, they can't hold. And ma bu is the single most important kung fu exercise. Many of these students love to get drunk and chase women, ignorant of the fact that this is bad for kung fu training and personal relationships. The Shaolin school ought to know how to discipline students better than an average dojo or club in America you would think.

                            All in all you'd be better off staying at home and training the above mentioned fitness exercises and learning forms from other sources.
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                              . . . I think you might not be on the website you think you are on.

                              Maybe you should read a little here, and get a feel for things before posting again? Most of the regular users here are probably just going to laugh a little at what you wrote, then find something better to do with their time.

                              (Also, what is wrong with using pads and physical conditioning to train?)



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