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Stephan Kesting on bullshido and BJJ

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    Originally posted by The Twitcher View Post
    Punching to the face works with less effort, because it's a more direct approach. Find a boxing gym.
    Spoken like a true noob. :profe:
    So tell me, what was the weight of the last training bag you rocked?
    You obviously seem to imply you've mastered the 1 punch KO.


      Originally posted by M1K3 View Post
      Twitcher, you are an asshat. You don't have to pay anything to change your style. Try to use what few brain cells you have left to figure it out.

      MrGalt was pointing out to you that many people come here, put down martial sports and claim that they can't spar because there techniques are too deadly to be used in anything but a life or death situation. Sounds alot like what you posted.

      So, to really train for the deadly streets do you fight to the death, curb stomp each other, perhaps razor blades while grappling? I am willing to bet you don't train very often. The recovery time, not to mention medical expenses, must really suck.
      Thanks, Mike. That's why I post so little. When I try to say something sensible and someone else calls me a dumbass for it, I know his own ignorance is already on display, so what more can I possibly say? In fact if I find myself defending something I've said for a dozen posts, I start thinking I must be wrong after all.
      It seems to me that the Sanjuriu Martial Art is not in guestion, but, rather the character of Mr. Galt.



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