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Awesome Ch'i Power.

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    O NO he got Granny too! It's kinda a shame he looked fairly athletic in the earlier videos. Unlike some of the other 300 lb chi masters If he had studied Judo, Muay Thai ,or Jiu Jitsu I bet he would have been decent.


      Two things-
      Agree with ass cowboy except almost made me quit drinking coffee WHILE at the computer


      about to have to start being a supporting member as I haven't been here long but I have laughed my ass off at roughly 3/4 of the non-stop-funny-ass-retarded shit that gets posted on this site.

      Even the serious threads about where, who, when someone got a belt and from who have high antics from OP's. Precious humor at the least. Some of you fuckers are too damn smart as well, with the use of the vernacular and I am student for sure.

      So for us new guys, keep dredging up this old stuff, my sides hurt from it.


        isn't this that pathgate group or whatnot? I signed up for their emails hoping they would come to nyc so I could try and shoot a debunking video but I gave up years ago when the emails they sent seemed more like a cult and I didn't want to be put on any terrorist watch list.

        I kind of understand why those clowns jump so much if its the same group-
        but in that case a legit scientific explanation applies:
        "pavlovs dog".
        these idiots are trained/train themselves to jump on their masters command.



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